May 21, 2014

Diaries of a Bargainista - I'm BAACCKKK

Seriously, I'm not even going to pretend for one second that I'm a fashion blogger, but it is fun to post outfit pictures every now and then.  Days when my hair AND makeup are done are few and far between, so I thought I should take advantage and do an outfit post, crazy I know...

Top Marshalls / Crops TJ Maxx / Wedges DSW / Necklace Sam Moon / Clutch TJ Maxx
I've always been a pretty plain girl and jeans with a t-shirt is my kind of standard style.  When I found this top with a flowy sheer back I absolutely loved it.  The fact that it was also only $14.99 helped too! It's still a t-shirt, but the sheer back gives it a little extra OOMPH.  I mean considering I'm a Stay at Home Mom now, this is just about as fancy as I get.

Let's be real honest tho, I didn't actually wear this outfit out of the house... I just put it on to take pictures, LOL! I would actually wear it out of the house though, probably with flats instead of heels. I mean do you ever see a mom pushing a stroller in heels? That's what I thought...

Linking up with a few ladies this week {If I even remember how....}


  1. That is a cute outfit!! I'd be scared to death to wear white pants... I'm way to messy! lol

  2. You're such a cute momma! Come link up!!


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