March 7, 2013

Unhealthy Eating & Fitness (What!?)

I have two things to talk about today and they are COMPLETE opposite of one another, so don't get mad!

First of all I'm linking up with one of my fave link-ups Pinned It Did It.  It seems like by Thursday I always have 1/2 of a project done, but not quite ready to share until next week, so I'm just going to give you a recipe!  You know I lurve a good recipe!!

Several months ago I had an "official" girls night in at my house!  Girls Night In requires a few new recipes and indulgences.  When I think of girls night in I think of wine, chocolate and delicious food!  All of my friends know me for delicious food, not necessarily healthy! It's kind of expected that I'm going to make something outrageously unhealthy!

With that, I introduce to you CANDY PIE!!!!!

Find the Recipe Here (I'm just too darn lazy to type it out and it's not my recipe anyways, so I might as well give the original girl credit!)

Okay, now that I've shared with you the most unhealthy recipe in the world, I want to share with you my new exercise regime that I've been participating in!

As you may have read earlier this week I've been participating in the 30milesin30days challenge!  Here's what I've done so far... I've been REAL SOPHISTICATED and have been keeping notes on my iPhone! Sarcasm, sarcasm.... I've done 7 miles so far and have 23 more to go.  I'm not counting any of my classes as miles because I want to officially walk/run 30 miles by the end of March!

Also, I've been trying my Bestest to eat better and I've had success so far!  Not sure how long I will be able to keep up the healthy eating, but I'm going to do my best for now... My ultimate goal is to be toned and healthy! Yes, losing weight is somewhat important to me, but I just want my clothes to fit better, so if I can accomplish that then I feel like I've succeeded!

I'm linking up with Nikki from The Pink Growl for my fitness challenge and Stephanie for Pinned It Did it!

Not only am I linking up with a few ladies, but I also have another lady that's hosting a link-up of her own Peggy at She Hath Done What She Could is hosting Thursday Target Threads, so stop by and link-up with her too!


  1. OMG that candy pie looks amazing! I might have to try that for my next glitter craft night - yummy! I'm at 7.5 miles for this week so I'm pretty happy with that. YAY us! :)

  2. You should try the myfitnesspal app for tracking your exercise and food. Love it!

  3. the candy pie DOES look delicious.

    lol - i can't stop laughing that you only had 2% battery left on your phone bahaha .i dont know why!!

    and this is awesome! can't wait to see your progress through out the month :)

  4. That pie looks sooo worth working out for!!!

  5. Good job on the exercise! I facilitate a 100x100 challenge a couple times a year, and it definitely is a challenge!

  6. That candy pie looks amazing!!!! Just found your blog...super cute!

  7. Looks like you are doing awesome! So glad you joined us! That pie looks so good...thankful I can't eat it bc of being gluten free. Otherwise, I'd devourer the WHOLE thing! New follower. :)

  8. Oh thanks so much for telling us about the link up - I am so in! I'm training for a half marathon so this will be great! And thank you for the shout out!!!

  9. candy pie + exercise.. sounds like a balanced lifestyle to me! Ha!

  10. oh. my. word.
    that candy pie looks right up my alley ;)

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