March 6, 2013

Diaries of A Bargainista: No Wind Machine Required

Dress: JCrew Outlet $35 // Scarf: TJ Maxx $10 // Boots: Marshalls $49.99 // Watch: Fossil Gifted // Bracelet: TJ Maxx Gifted // Sunnies: Steve Madden Ross $10

The wind was going crazy for my photo sesh which was in my favor in picture #1, but not so much in Picture #3.  If I knew how to Photoshop I would erase away that little strand of crazy hair, but oh well.  I'm a real blogger, not a real model so don't hate..

Let's just talk real quick about my new fave show Gypsy Sisters! I was obsessed with it when it was My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and this one is even better.  Even if you don't follow the show, you just need to see one thing...

Unfortunately I just realized her dress matches my Diaries of A Bargainista Button!!! HAHA!
Yes, this is her wedding dress, yes she is pregnant and YES she is already divorced. If you don't watch this show, you should!

Now it's time for you ladies to link up your outfit of the week! We had just over 50 girls link-up and I am so impressed with all of your creativity and beautiful outfits! Can't wait to see what you're going to come up with this week!

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  1. Its been real windy here too lately. Great oufit!

  2. That is a great dress. I see why it's your favorite. And I love the boots too!

  3. Love that dress, girl you look FAB in it! I have caught Gypsy Sisters a time or two on TV when nothing else was's crazy!!

  4. Alisa that girl is one HOT mess! LOL! Actually they all are! I watch! You look great! Love the dress!


  5. Love your pink and purple combination, thanks for the party!

  6. i love this outfit! those colors look so good together!! and I haven't seen that show but love just about any reality tv so i'm sure i would!!

  7. Love your outfit. The purple is gorgeous. I'm doing a great giveaway on my blog and i'm also hosting a link up tomorrow about how you would style cobalt. Hope you can join me. Thanks for the weekly link ups. I really like connecting with other bloggers.


  8. It has been crazy windy here too!!! I couldn't even take pics the other day because of it. Love the simple look and the color of this dress!!!

  9. Haha, gypsy sisters?! What will they think of next, seriously?!

    I love your outfit - simple and cute!

  10. Your dress is lovely.
    Love gypsy weddings, but OH MY that is taking it too new extremes, wow!

  11. Cute dress, Love the purple with the pink scarf! My outfit was from Ross today, and I see you found really cool sunnies!

    XO Chelsea

  12. ahahah that dress is ridiculous and SO matches your button (which is appropriate for a blog button, but not a WEDDING dress!)

    as always, your hair is so beautiful, regardless of that crazy strand floating in the air! damn wind!

  13. You look adorable! Those colors together looks great.

  14. That dress looks fantastic on you, and I also am very obsessed with Gypsy Sisters!

  15. I'm so jealous that you're wearing a dress! It's so cold in MD, I can't even imagine wearing one anytime soon. I love the color!

  16. Wow...that is one crazy wedding dress! Obviously they aren't shy people : )


  17. This outfit is awesome - I love the pink and blue and I LOVE those boots! And your hair! You look like a professional model in the wind!

  18. I completely love your outfit, it's too cute! :) And I've seen that show before, it's crazy! I'm loving the bright pink though. :)


  19. You are too cute! I love your outfit. That purple is a really pretty color :)

    I'm your newest follower!

  20. Cute outfit! Looks so comfy! And the gipsy wedding sisters... omg... it's so bad, you can't help by watch! I love it.

  21. I'm a new follower from for lauren and lauren. Cute outfit! I love getting bargains, especially at Goodwill!


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