March 13, 2013

Diaries of A Bargainsta & Why I don't wanna grow up...

I'm a bad bad bad blogger, I haven't posted once this week and I TOTALLY forgot about this link-up today!  I seriously thought today was Tuesday... well I guess that's in my favor since I'm one day closer to Friday than I thought. Anyways, better late than never! The link-up is up and working now, sorry for the delay everyone!!!

I scored this cute peplum top from Target last week for 20 bucks!  New Favorite top!!!

Now here's my attempt of making you guys laugh for the week....

I don't wanna grow up I’m a Toys-R-Us Kid… I’m sure all of you remember this little Jingle that ALL kids sang in the 90’s.  Or was that just me? I don’t know, but now isn’t it stuck in your head? It’s stuck in mine…

Sometimes being a grown-up isn’t all that it’s cracked-up to be! I mean we have to wake up early every single morning, sit in the same place and stare at the same computer for 9 hours a day go home “cook” dinner, pay bills, take care of cats, clean, do laundry watch TV go to bed repeat… And for those of you that have children you probably have to add in about 50 more tasks to that list!

Even though I’m “technically” a grown-up I sure would like to think that I’m not.  I mean just because I’m a grown-up and pretend to act like one from 8:00 – 5:00 every day doesn’t mean I have to actually be one.  When the clock hits 5:00 it’s like something comes over my body and I morph into a 26-year-old toddler (don’t worry, I don’t poop my pants or anything like that)!  I hit the sidewalk outside my building and am literally skipping to my car, Okay that wasn’t true, but I do imagine myself skipping.  Have you ever tried to skip in heels? It’s not very easy and kinda dangerous…
I merrily drive myself home, a perk of being a grown-up being able to drive yourself anywhere you wanna go at any time…

Upon arrival at home, I talk to my cats like they ‘re my children, ask them how their day was and then pretend like I’m gonna cook dinner.  I can never decide so it ends up being leftovers that we’ve eaten the past 3 nights or canned chicken noodle soup. Exciting I know… This magical dinner is usually accompanied by Adult Beverages and candy.  Yes, I said candy.  I’m currently obsessed with these little sweet tart balls…… Yummy!

Another perk of growing up – consuming as much candy as I want and legally drinking adult beverages
The downside of being a grown up – your waistline and your behind will suffer from the aforementioned beverages and candy, so you might need to go to the gym or eat/drink less…. Dang it! WTF is this all about?  I wanna have the metabolism of a 6-year old so I don’t have to worry about this annoying thing called self-image and health…

After all that I’m still not sure if I want to be a kid or a grown-up.

Being a kid:

The Good: Enjoy extended vacations: Spring Break, Summer, Christmas Break /No responsibilities, don’t have to worry about bills/cooking/cleaning/laundry/money

The Bad: Must obey parental rules (wahhh wahhh) / Must attend school and eat in a cafeteria every day
Being an Adult:

The Good: Do whatever you want whenever you want

The Bad: Must pay bills and have a job

There are perks and downsides of both, so I’m just going to combine the two and keep being me: A grown-up on the outside and a child on the inside

Which do you prefer? 

Now it's time for you ladies to link up your outfit of the week!

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  1. Very cute top! I love Target!

  2. there really are perks to both. like the candy thing-yep, i can (and do) eat as much as i want but it tends to show up on my booty a bit easier too now, blah!!!
    oh, your shirt, cute! it almost looks like it got cut off from my skirt i linked up today- great taste girl :)

  3. I have the same necklace!

  4. I`m popping over here from Tucker up to say
    #1- I love that shirt! I`m stripes obsessed, but combine that with that style.. Wow!
    #2- My sisters name is Alisa! How do you pronounce it?

    Some Snapshots Blog

  5. That's the spirit "being a kid on the inside" :) I love it. Thanks for the party!

  6. I love your top! I'm not sure I could pull off the peplum, but its a cute idea :) I couldn't agree with you more on the being a kid thing. Sure being an adult has its perks, but I would give anything to be a kid again some days!


  7. Adorable peplum! and I"m obsessed with those bubble necklaces..I want one in every color of the rainbow ;)

    I would rather be a grownup...I mean, bills and a job suck, but I can eat all the brownie batter I want when I make that makes up for it.

  8. You look adorable! Thanks for the outfit idea:)

  9. Just like everyone else girl, that top is amazing! And that necklace...well done. I linked up! Woot!

  10. I love the striped peplum top with the green bubble necklace! I am a little bit of a kid but i like being a grown up :) Thank you for the link up!

    XO Chelsea

  11. LOVE this top! I have no peplum :( And I just wanna be a kid so bad!

  12. Hmmm I'm somewhere in between on this, for the reasons (good and bad) that you mentioned above! Love the candy, hate the thighs. Love the money, hate working long hours. And I'm JEALOUS of the $20 peplum!

  13. Great minds think alike; I'm wearing the same Target peplum!

  14. That outfit is adorable! :) I have mixed feelings about being a kid/adult, definite perks about each one.


  15. Haha - I'm definitely an adult with a serious sweet tooth. Best of both worlds!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog


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