March 5, 2013

Is it Sarah or Venus??

I have a very special guest here for you today.  Let me introduce to you the talented Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars.  She is a jack of all trades and her blog is sure to impress you! With that.... take it away Sarah!

Hi new friends!
I'm Sarah and I blog over at Venus Trapped in Mars.

I just recently moved to Dallas from Knoxville, Tennessee after graduation from the University of Tennessee, Go Vols!
I have my own freelance Marketing and Graphic Design company Social&Chic, plus I do Marketing and Advertising for a boating company during the day. 
I don't technically boat. 
By technically, I mean I don't boat.

I am addicted to Bravo. Can't stop, I get the shakes if it has been too long.
I love to shop and drink a lot of wine… preferably both at the same time!

I have a dog named General Neyland... named him after my college football stadium.

So what is my blog about, you ask?
I'd like to consider myself one of the boys and FAB! 
Venus Trapped in Mars is here to help all my girls better understand what their man is talking about in the sports world! 
Think of me as the ESPN for women, just wrapped in a sparkly package with tons of glitter and fabulocity! 

So I hope you ladies will pop over to VTIM, laugh and maybe even learn a bit about one of the sports your man talks incessantly about. 
xoxo, Venus

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