March 4, 2013

Motivational Monday and The Bachelor

A few random topics for the bloggity post tonight!

First of all, have you heard about the 30 miles in 30 days Challenge? Okay, I hadn't heard of it either, but my girl Nikki over at The Pink Growl was blogging about it the other day and I decided to get motivated! Check out her post here.

Basically I'm going to run/walk 30 miles in the month of March, so I have 30 days to complete this challenge.  Here's what I've done so far and the ONLY reason I'm even telling you is to hold myself accountable, so if I fail you all will know about it! I want to try and embarass myself into working out, we will see if it works.

Here's what I've done so far:
  • Saturday: 1 Hour Zumba, 1 mile on the treadmill
  • Sunday: 2 mile walk/run outside
  • Monday: 4 miles at the gym ran for a solid 2.5 miles and did a walk run for the last 1.5
So far I've completed 7 miles and only have 23 more to go!! Not only do I want to do the 30in30 challenge, but I want to stat going to the gym again! Last year I was going 4 - 5 times a week and felt fantastic, every since I've stopped I have felt like a oozie loozie nasty ball of fatness. So, here's to me trying to shape up, should be an interesting ride...

Source: via Alisa on Pinterest

Enough of the motivational crap, it's time for some Reality Dish!

The Women Tell All Reunion is on tonight!  Not my favorite episode of The Bachelor, I wish they would just cut the crap and get to the end, but they always have to drag it out.  

Can you believe the Tierrarist got a full half hour on camera!! All that girl wants is attention and drama and that's what she got, I'm not even going to give her anymore attention. #Done

Other than all that drama the rest was really pathetic.  All the girls still crying over Sean... Get over it already, you're just making yourself look lamer than you already are!

Random interjection of Awkward.... WTF is this picture??? Oh and is interjection a word??

Can we talk about my favorite Bachelorette for a second?  Leslie!  This chick is HILARIOUS can someone please give her her own show or make her the next Bachelorette?? I mean seriously, she even coined the term "Tierrarist" / BRILLIANT!

Fave Quote of the Night from Ashlee! "He kinda acted like a Frat boy!"  Ashlee outs Sean and says that he told her TWICE that he didn't have feelings for the other 2 women.  Why in the world would Ashlee make this up?? I think Sean is a big ol' #LIAR! He proceeds to tell her that he has absolutely no idea what she is talking about and she just won't let it go.

BRAVO Ashlee for bringing something interesting to this episode! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

By far the bloopers were my favorite part of the whole episode! If they would just add more of this "Reality" to the show then it might actually seem a little more real and would DEFINITELY be more interesting!

If you're feeling like you need a little extra scoop of The Bachelor Reality Dish then head on over to Kaliwood's blog, she'll give you an extra dose of what you're craving!

Until next week...  Who do you think it will be?? Lindsey or Catherine???

Unfortunately I'm missing RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules for this garbage, but I will catch on those later! Next Up Teen Mom 2... I love love love this show and I just can't get enough!!

Check back tomorrow for a Guest post you WON'T wanna miss.  This girl is HI-LARIOUS, you won't wanna miss it!


  1. BAHAHA you are tooo funny! I hate to disagree, but i think ashlee made it up, or at least looked WAY too far into something he said. But i do love Leslie! She is so funny!!

    ALSO girrrl I am so watching Teen Mom 2 right now. Does Leah annoy the crap out of you too? She just doesnt want to be alone. She obviously wants to be back with corey but doesn't want to go back to him bc that will mean she loses jeremey and then if it doesnt work out with corey she will be alone, she just wants a boyfriend, it's pathetic...GAH I am soooo annoyed with her this season!

    ANYWHOOOS love your bachelor analysis!

  2. I loved Lesley!!! I seriously hope she's the next Bachelorette :)

  3. I made poor hubby sit and watch this last episode of the bachelor. I haven't been an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher, but this season caught my eye, specially with all the talk about crazy Tierra.

    And kudos to your 30 on 30!!! That's gonna be awesome and I hope you get to beat your mileage goals!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  4. Ooh Lesley was my favorite too!! I feel like AshLee may have misinterpreted something Sean said though...I mean, I feel like if I was in the situation I would probably tend to twist things in my favor too. But I agree, that was definitely the most exciting part of the episode. We all know Tierra is an attention fiend and everyone is just adding fuel to her fire.

  5. You and Nikki are inspiring me to jump on the bandwagon!! Good job on finishing the 7 miles : ) You've got this!

    Hope you're doing good, girlfrand!

  6. I really think AshLee was wrong about what Sean said. I don't see how he would have ever told her that he didn't have any feelings for the other two, and he looked genuinely confused. But I don't think she was lying either. I think she misunderstood something he said.

    Gah! I give this dumb show way too much of my attention. I only watch it for the mocking opportunities, but it really just sucks me in. Blah.


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