February 6, 2013

Diaries of A Bargainista Link-Up

First off, I got my first blog sponsor last week and I am so excited to be working with her, we have an insane amount of things in common!  Check out Venus over at Venus Trapped in Mars and show her some blog love!! Check out my sponsor tab to get in on the action too!!

Scarf: Old Navy {Old} $8 // Top: Francesca's Clearance last spring $15 // Pants: Marshalls $15 // Shoes: Target $14.98 // Bracelet: Gifted

I was trying way too hard to look cute this week! Sorry about my stupid smiles and ass trash hair!!! I seriously need to gets my hair did!!!

Moving on.... I want to talk to you guys about something really awkward that happens quite frequently and I'm wondering if you guys experience this same awkwardness...

We have an extra long hallway, one side is the executives and one side is my department.

What in the heck do you do when someone is all the way at the other end and you are both walking towards each other? 

Do you...
Look down at your feet or look them straight in the eye? 
Say hi/hey/ hey there/hello??
Both say hi how are you at the exact same time and you both keep walking?
Cut across the hallway and pretend like you're going somewhere else?

Normally I either look down at my feet and pretend like the other person doesn't exist or I cut across the hallway to the bathroom.  It's just such a strange experience that I want to avoid at all costs!!! 

Any other recommendations on how I can avoid this situation??

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  1. Your hallway situation is funny! I always feel kinda awkward about those things. I usually just say hi, make eye contact, then keep moving!

  2. HA. too funny.. I usually try to avoid them but if it happens I smile and say hi and keep walking.. but not a million watt smile just one of those.. mOndays huh smiles...


  3. So cute! Love love love love love the shoes!

  4. wow here i was about to comment that your hair looked good!!
    i love everything about this outfit. seriously the colors are awesome... and i love the leopard shoes and floral scarf!!!

    i am faced with that situation ALL the TIME. usually I look down at the ground and walk by; other times i do that awkward smile frown you know like when you are saying hello without actually saying it? its more of a half smile. so awkward!!

  5. Love the shoes, gorgeous look

  6. Cute shoes and your hair looks fine. To answer your question, look straight ahead as you pass look them in the eyes say, "good morning/afternoon" and keep going.

  7. I love this entire outfit!!
    I'm guilty of staring at my phone to avoid awkward situations..


  8. The scarf is ver y bright and pretty!

    Gosh ... If I am coming towards somenoe in the hall I just try not to roll them over - hahah!

  9. oooo tropical print AND leopard! So fun! You are making me crave warm weather!


  10. Thanks for popping by my blog and letting me know about this link up party : )

    Following via Bloglovin'.

    I love those leopard heels!


  11. Making those leopard heels look great!! Thanks for hosting :)


  12. LOL!!! This is an awkward situation for sure! I would probably look down and then as we passed say hi! ;) And you know I love the floral and leopard!!!

  13. Love the scarf paired with the heels. And can we talk about that fabulous zebra chair? Love it!

  14. Loving that scarf! Also you have the best hair. That situation is so awkward for sure, I usually just sort-of-smile or say hi, depending on what mood I'm in. haha

  15. Love the scarf, and it looks darling w/the leopard print shoes. Such a cute combo.

  16. Thanks for reaching out! I'm now a new follower and linked up. :) Looking forward to following!

  17. Lovely colors on you, thank you for hosting the fun party.

  18. I love the leopard print shoes and love when animal print is paired with a not so obvious color or pattern.Great outfit and thanks for hosting! Now following you via GFC.
    -Natasha @ Lovely You


  19. Thanks for visiting our new mother daughter blog & letting me know about your fabulous party! I like your style so we are your newest followers!

  20. Love your scarf! Just found your blog and am going to start linking up weekly! : )


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