August 22, 2012

Diaries of A Bargainista CHP 5 {MAXImize your savings}

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The best time to find deals is at the end of the season! I know, it seems weird to be buying summer clothes when all you want to do buy new Fall fashion, but it pays off. 

#1 You will have new clothes next year, so much fun!
#2 Savings can be HUGE, like 70 - 80% OFF

I found this MAXI from Target for an absolute steal!  The good part is that I can wear it to work with a blazer or on the weekend by itself.

Dress Target $8.99 // Flippie Floppies Old Navy $5 // Yellow Bracelet gifted from my Mommie

Total Outfit Cost: $13.99

 I just wanted to keep the accessories simple simple since this is such a bold pattern.  Have you found any End of Season Steals?
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  1. Great dress! I'm sure it'll get a lot of use next summer!

  2. LOVE the dress on you! the colors are so pretty! i got a maxi from target too..i love it! they are really stepping it up!

  3. I do all my clothes shopping at target and old navy. Really, I don't need anything else. They have so many great things, such great deals and all the accessories a girl could need! Everyone is so surprised when I say I get all my clothes at Target, lol

    Love a fellow Target clothes shopper :)

  4. I got some cheap dressy tanks for under cardigans at JCP and Loft. I agree with your end-of-season shopping theory!

  5. LOVE this! I think I tried that dress on in a different color when it first came out. It was cute, but I didn't want to pay full price. Ha. I love it in blue though. I haven't really let myself go shopping. I know I'll save, but it's really the last thing I need to do. My husband would make me get rid of clothes I already have if I'm going to get new things. I don't like that rule!!! Haha.

  6. Yeppers...this is how I roll too!!! Especially since it's HOT 7-8 months out of the year in Texas! I have scored some great summer stuff for CHEAP!! Love that maxi!!!

  7. This is such a gorgeous dress...damn England for not having target!! :( Love your blog, thankyou for your lovely comment btw :)

  8. I brought that same maxi into my dressing room to try on and couldn't figure out how to get into it! It looks great on you though. I recently found some great things at Target too. They rock end of season sales.

  9. Yep, end of the season sales are the best! Love the dress, the colors are great on you. :)

  10. That maxi is sooo pretty! I love the end of season sales too. I'm totally not ready for fall clothes yet anyway while it's still 85 degrees out :)

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  11. Great deal on the dress! I absolutely agree with shopping at the end of the season. I also like to wait for the stores to have an extra percentage on already reduced prices. In fact, I only shop sales and rarely shop full price. I love this post :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

  12. you look amazing! Have a happy Thursday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tonight! .

  13. Great find!! I need to get myself out to the sales before everything is gone!

  14. yes i am!! love finding good deals! especially at target! this dress is beautiful!! and I love your hair!

  15. I am loving that dress on you!!


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