August 15, 2012

Diaries of a Bargainista CHP. 4 { An Outfit Under $50}

For all of my current readers, you've probably been reading the series I've been doing about Diaries of a Bargainista.  If you're new - WELCOME! You can catch up on Chapter 1, 2 & 3.

I asked one of my blogger friends to put together an outfit for under $50 - she thankfully said yes and already had an outfit in mind. I absolutely love her bracelet and mixing the polka dotted shoes with a striped dress is so cute - I like to refer to the style as "PolkaStripes"

With that, let me introduce Lindsay from A Little Bit of Life - she is so adorable and I know you will all LOVE her blog!

Dress - Ross $12.99, Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $22 Bracelet - gifted from Montana @ Watch - gifted from my mother-in-law Earrings - $12.50 bought at a kiosk in Vegas.


Can you believe that Ross makes the same pattern dress in 2 different styles???? Remember last week when I showed you this, yep exact same pattern! 

I'm now looking for my next Bargainista!! If you would like to put together an outfit for me under $50 just send me an email at!

Lindsay thanks again for participating, I adore the outfit you put together!


  1. Thanks for having me lady! Can't wait to see your next bargainista!

  2. I love it, what cute dresses, I never find cute clothes at Ross, usually just home goods. I think I need to go there again soon and check out the dresses.


  3. I love this series you have! I have never personally had that much luck with Ross but maybe I am giving up too soon.

  4. Adorable! I LOVE finding dresses from Ross, TJMaxx, Marshals- I think they are the best places to go for dresses :)

  5. Love that pattern! I need to get to Ross!

  6. What an awesome series! Always love that moment you realize "hey I only spent this much on this WHOLE outufit!" Kind of a big accomplishment (at least to me!!) hahaha!


  7. I just really like these dresses!

  8. Love the shorter version and the pattern is super adorable!! Can't wait to see more bargainistas!

  9. Cute! Cute, cute, cute! I love discount stores. I love finding a great deal on a great dress.

  10. Soooo cute. Love those dresses. That is a really cute pattern. I love Ross and TJ Max. They've got great finds.

  11. Love both dresses!! I think Lindsay's is more work friendly for me, but both are gorgeous!!


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