July 9, 2014

What kind of Mom Are You?

The By The Book Mom

This Mom read every book when she was pregnant, took every class at the hospital that she possibly could and knows everything about everything... Now I'm not saying that this is a bad thing.  I need the "by the book mom".  You see I'm not much of a reader and I had absolutely no interest in reading when I was pregnant.  I figure they didn't have book to read back in the day, so I'll just wing it and do what feels right.  "What feels right" doesn't always work, so I always go to this mom for advice, she knows her SH*T.

The Overprotective Mom

This Mom may or may not have read all the books, but one thing is for sure she will have her eyes on that kid every second of ever day.  She always catches them so they don't fall down and hit their head, she makes sure that other children stay a safe distance so her child isn't injured.  I would say I'm a little bit of this mom because I'm always catching my son when he is barely tilting over and about to fall or if his knees give out I'm right there to catch him.  Anytime he SLIGHTLY hits his head or falls he cries, this is a product of Overprotective Mom.

The Competitive Mom

I think every mom is a little competitive and of course wants their kid to be the best, I mean who wouldn't, it's just human nature! However, this mom is overly competitive and is always comparing their child to yours.  She automatically offers up how long her child sleeps, what percentile they are in, what they are currently doing (crawling, walking, talking, etc...).  I mean this is great information and all, but more than likely they are just telling you this so you will also offer up the information and they can compare how much better their kid is than yours.

The Perfect Mom

We all know who this mom is, the one that ALWAYS has her hair & makeup done perfectly!  Always dressed to the 9's along with her little one.  Does this girl ever sleep?? Seriously everything about her is 100% put together.  Somewhere deep down I know there has to be some kind of flaw... Like really she is 900 lbs, but yet she is shoving herself into spanks to make herself look like a size 2 (cough, cough, exaggeration)... But seriously though, sometimes I wish I was the Perfect Mom, but "ain't nobody got time fo dat"

The Frazzled Mom

This is the mom that is carrying a minimum of 3 bags.  She is digging and rifling through every single one just to find her credit card to pay for lunch.  She may or may not have 2 plus children in tow with her at all times. She has crumbs, spilled apple juice and melted chocolate stained into every nook and cranny of her mini van.  The Frazzled Mom is clearly in over her head, but she is treading water lightly, literally just staying alive...  If you see the frazzled mom out in public just give her a little hand, maybe open the door for her or let her pay go in front of you in the grocery line...

When I think about all the different types of moms that I described, I think I'm a little bit of each one (minus the perfect mom).  I think we can all relate to all different types of moms.  The good news is that when you become a mom you are automatically entered into this secret circle of momhood that you didn't even know existed.  You actually make small talk at the supermarket "how old is he" "what's his name" "wow, he sure is cute"! It's crazy!  And you now empathize with the mom that has a screaming baby at the checkout...

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  1. agreed! I think I have some of each of those! which is probably the best right? I a little of every side? :)

  2. Yup! I'm everything BUT the perfect Mom. Some days though I wish I had gotten up early to at least semi-care about my hair and make-up, but that never happens.

  3. Such a cute post. I'm not a mom yet, but this was really funny to read. :)


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