July 11, 2014

Friday Faves

This used to be one of my favorite posts to write, all my favorite things from the week!

Cotton Candy Candle From Target - reminds me of the real thing and smells delicious!  They also have a bubblegum candle that I think I will need to get next...

This little teether (not for me obviously).  It's Infantino also from Target, I also have th elephang and mom son loves both of them!

THIS Candy store! It's called Lolli & POP and has a seperate rooms for chocolate and for all gummi candies!  I somehow managed to only spend $12 (thank goodness), but I could have easily spent $1,000!  Did you know that I LOVE Candy??

I think this candy store and my love for candy in general might just deserve it's own blog post, we'll see...

What are you favorites this Friday??


  1. Cotton Candy or candy floss as we call it, is one of my favourite smells. We used to have a cotton candy flavoured drink at the movies, but they stopped selling it. Probably a good thing, because a million of them are probably unhealthy.

  2. Where is that candy store at?! Love it!

  3. I seriously love target, especially for their adorable and DELICIOUS smelling candles!!


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