April 29, 2013

Tip-toe or Jump??

You might be wondering what the title of the post means, can you take a guess?

Jeopardy music plays…

Doo doo doo do do do do doo doo doo doo do DO dodododo wahhh wahh wahhh….

Seriously, did I just type do-do over and over again, why yes I did… You get the point and you’re probably humming the jeopardy song right now!

With the recent increase in temperatures I made it a point to go to the pool this weekend! Our neighborhood just built an all adult pool and it is GLORIOUS!  Don’t worry I don’t have anything against kids, it’s just nice to have a relaxing place at the pool away from them.  You’re not getting splashed, kicked, jumped on, etc…. You can imagine!

I wasn’t planning on getting in, but I thought WHY NOT!? I mean you only live once and in TX the water temperature will be like bath water by the beginning of June! 

I stuck my little toe in and immediately decided it was too cold.

Then I thought oh what the heck just jump!

Do it!

Just JUMP IN….

It’s not that cold... (atleast that's what I was telling myself...)

So there I went barreling my whole body into the very cold pool and enjoyed every second of it.
I even had the opportunity to get splash my friend while she was just trying to ease herself into the water.  Yeah, I’m THAT person!

Sorry, my friend has her eyes closed, it was REALLY bright!!!
Did you go swimming this weekend?
PS - Sorry for all the GIF's I just couldn't stop myself

All Gif's from #whatshouldwecallme


  1. Jealous! It's finally warm enough to not have to wear a winter coat here.

  2. I am dyyyyying over that first gif! Hilarious! I'm jealous of your gorgeous weekend weather.

  3. Jumping in is the only way to do it!!! Good job!!! :)



  4. Really funny GIF photos, great way to describe your day!

  5. ugh nj weather still in the 50's and LOW 60's. so jealous!!!!

  6. I'm definitely an "ease in slowly" type of girl!

  7. nice post! the pool looks so inviting to swim!

  8. haha love the gifs! I wish i had a pool close by, looks super nice!


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