April 24, 2013

Let me Introduce You...

I haven't posted anything since last Thursday and I'm getting the blogging bug.  Therefore since I have absolutely nothing planned for the day I'm going to break my cardinal of blogging things you already posted on Instagram!  Shoot, I never should have made that rule for myself, that was stupid...

Anywho, I organized my closet last weekend and discovered my plethora of clothes that had been hiding from me for the last 6 months, so I decided I needed some new shoes to go with all my newly found clothing!

Let me introduce you to:

Goldilocks (yes I just named my shoes)

And Blue Spike
Wow, glad I didn't work too hard getting creative on that name....


What do you think of my new shoes?


  1. Um I need me some goldilocks! LOVE those!

  2. I love that you name your shoes! I feel like I might need to take that from you. Hope you are having a great week.



  3. Both of those hoes are awesome Alissa. I love them both.

    I am Ada. I found & joined your blog last week as I commented and I love it. It's a nice blog of a Cute, Stylish Girl. =) I run a Sunday Feature where I post Special Lovely Looks from bloggers all over & last week I featured you as well. Here it is below.


    Hope you can stop by & support me by following me, Thanks. =) Have a Great Rest of the Week!

  4. Love 'em both.
    Ain't nothing wrong with naming shoes.
    Full support!

  5. Ahh I love the 'Goldilocks'!! And I love that you name your shoes! ;)

    High Heels and Training Wheels


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