April 9, 2013

Getting back on the Blorse!

Once I turned blogging into something I “had” to do, I didn't want to do it anymore.  I HAD to do the link-up every Wednesday and put together an outfit, I had to set-up the link-up…  For some reason that just made it not as much fun anymore…

Knowing that I don’t like to force myself to blog, I’m just going to start blogging randomly.  This means you might get an outfit, a recipe a DIY Project or just a random rant on nothing.  It’s like going to my page and getting a mystery flavor every day.  You just never know what you’re going to get! 

Also, blogging gets a little crazy sometimes trying to respond to every comment and question.  I will do my best to respond, but I might not… (Sorry!) Just know that I appreciate every single one of you that stops by this little blog of mine and takes a minute out of your day to read what I wrote and leave me a comment!

So… back on the Blorse again (Blog Horse in case you aren’t familiar with that acronym “blorse”) Okay, I just made it up....

Okay, I’m back on the Blorse I’m looking down at the ground and I have no freaking idea what I’m about to blog about.  This could get scary, anything could come out of my mouth/fingers (since I’m typing, DUH) at this point…

Have any of you been to Sam Moon lately?  That place completely overwhelms and intimidates me at the same time (since they have security guards at the door), but I was going in for one thing and one thing only, Statement necklaces.  That segmented my shopping into a quarter of the store instead of trying to aimlessly roam around the fake hair aisle and get myself caught in a weave, literally…. 

Here’s what we came out with.  I only spent 50 bucks and my mom got outta there only spending 30…

I gave myself my first poof last weekend and I kinda love it… This might need to be a more frequent hair style of mine…

Easter Sunday, I know I’m WAYYY behind on this one, but I just have to share!  I made this bunny bread to make into a veggie bowl.  I’m not really sure what happened, I think I must have let the bread rise for too long or something, but he turned out being a weird alien bunny… Either way, it was still a huge hit!!

See, I told you there was a potential for it to get pretty random... How have all of you been?? Have you been taking a break from Blogging too??


  1. did you really get ALL of those items in the picture for only $50.00 !?!?! that is a serious score!!!!

    cute bunny, even if he looks alien like :)

  2. I took a 6 month break after I felt like blogging was owning my life. When I came back, I came back with the mentality that I was going to post what I want even if it wasn't in my "niche" and that I wasn't going to stress over posting/linking/etc and that it didn't matter if I lost every single follower. And I have been much happier ever since!

  3. The bunny bread... so cute! haha

  4. Actually, I figured out what "Blorse" mean as soon as I saw the title of your post. Not kidding. But it's an awesome word! :)

  5. haa- that bread. that's really awesome!
    p.s. i think we had the same "moment" this past week because i started to feel the "oh, i have to go , I gotta blog" pressure!!! i'm with ya on this girl. whenever, whatever absolutely! :)

  6. I completely understand the feeling of 'having to blog' - which is why I took a much needed break. LOVE the photos and am so ready for a trip to SM!


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