July 17, 2014

Time For A "Belfie"

Tank Top - Target $12, Mom Shorts Old Navy $10
We all do it from time and time again ALL THE TIME, or when you have a baby and zero time for actual outfit posts, you sneak in a Belfie.

Belfie??? What the efff are you talking about Alisa? Let me explain, it's A Bathroom Selfie...

Lemme give you a few tips for the perfect Belfie -
  • Make sure your cabinets are somewhat cleaned off, or try and crop all the crap outta the pic (like I did)
  • Do not and I repeat do not show a toilet in the background, especially an unflushed toilet!!
  • Don't show overflowing bathroom trash - gross!!
  • Pose like you're in "da club" not like you're in "ba bafroom" ie. wear sunglasses inside
Follow all these tips and you should be able to take belfie's as good as as bad as me!!

Now, let's poke fun at myself and hashtag the crap outta this picture - #imnotwearingmakeupsoiputonsunglasses #ilookwayskinnierthaniam #sideponyisso2014 #haventwashedmyhairindays #jerseyshorinitupwithindoorglasses
Any hashtags I'm missing??

When was your last Belfie?? Don't lie, you probably took one today too!


  1. Girl, you rock at pulling off a "belfie"! The last time I took one was on the 4th. I'm clearly overdue for one. My snapchat normally gets all my self&belfies.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT! Yes, so true. Belfies, belfies work :)

  3. Lol! This is great! I used to always take "belfies" when I worked in the bathroom.

    1. Whoops! Meant to say when I worked at a bank lol I didn't work in a bathroom

  4. LOL, this is awesome. My regular selfie location is thankfully just outside my bathroom...saves SO much work! I need to try sunglasses indoors though. I've been missing a critical element here!!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express


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