April 12, 2013

Why I DO/DON’T like to read blogs:

I can decide within about 5 seconds of being on a blog whether or not I’m going to actually read it.  (I’m sure everyone does the same with mine).

I first ready the title of their post, look at their picture (if they have one) and look at the pictures in the blog post.  If I like what I see I scroll back to the top and read.  If I don’t, it’s on to the next one…

Here’s what I actually like to read on blogs:

Funny posts: People that make fun of themselves and don’t act like they are perfect living in a perfect world 

For Example: Raven posted pics of her Ba-Donk-A-Donk, power to ya sistah!
Read her post here
Original Outfit Posts: Anything that might intrigue my eye (not just the polka dots and chambray), something more interesting... Shanna seems to keep me entertained, every single week!

Image courtesy of Because Shanna Said So // Read her post
Getting Drunk: I like reading about other people drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and making poor decisions.  Thank you Taylor for sharing your wild weekend with us, it was total enjoyment!

Read About Taylor's Weekend Here
DIY Projects:  One of my favorite things to post about on this blog is DIY Projects, so I’m always down to read about them too.

Here what I DON’T like to read:
Please note I have done MOST of these things, however they now annoy me so I'm doing my best to follow my own "rules"

Weekend Posts: OMG look at me my weekend was UH-MAZING (If you include stories about getting drunk and making fun of yourself I might be okay with it) 

Instagram Recaps:  If I follow you on Instagram I’ve already seen every single thing that you’re about to post on your blog (don’t worry, I’ve commited this crime before and it’s OKAY) I’m just saying I probably won’t read your post that day

Babies/Wedding/Marriage: I’m over all of this, I already did the wedding thing and haven’t done the baby thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some day when I’m pregnant my blog will turn into a baby blog, just not quite yet…

These are all just my opinions, not made to offend anyone.  If you blog about these things it’s
TOTALLY cool, it’s your own little piece of real estate and I’m not here to judge.  You can choose to read or not to, just like I do!


  1. Love this! I do the weekend recaps with Instagram pics on Mondays...but you know you love me anyhow! happy weekend!

  2. I agree completely - I can tell within like 2 seconds if I'm going to read or not. Have a great weekend, drink lots, make poor decisions and then please write about them xo

  3. YES to the baby stuff. There are some blogs that I used to love but since the writer got pregnant it is nothing but baby stuff and now it's boring to me. Ugh, that sounds awful but whatever, it's true.

  4. HAHA I agree! I mean i always do weekend recaps...&& I dont have instagram nor a baby/marriage!

    hahahaha Happy friday :)

  5. My weekend posts are usually about food because I like to pig out, hahaha!

  6. I find the weekend posts the hardest to write! It seems like you can include every little thing and trying to think about everything from what you wore to church to what you ate for breakfast on Saturday morning is exhausting. Plus, I usually write my Monday posts on Friday/Saturday morning. So clearly it won't be a weekend recap, and posting that on Tuesday Wednesday just seems to miss the point.

    And the baby thing. I agree that maybe it's just because I'm not to that point yet. But I know a lot of mom-bloggers who do, in fact, post about things other than stroller reviews and what you need for 0-3 months. I'll read those blogs. I won't read if it's "baby" 7 days a week.

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  8. Wellllll, I suck at outfit posts, but normally my recaps involve booze and recipes that go in said boozy concoction. haha

  9. Instagram posts and wedding flashbacks kill me. If you just got married and I've never seen the pics, that's great. Otherwise, just, NO!

  10. Haha - I'm the same way :) And I totally agree about the instagram thing!!

  11. oh my gosh, that gif with the couple - amazing!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  12. Oh this is pretty much how I pick what to read too! There MUST be photos, or you've lost be instantly! I also don't want to know about your sponsors every single freaking day people!!


  13. There are a lot of reasons I won't read a post or a blog, too. The biggest lately are the "oh, here are my baby's latest milestones." Great. That's wonderful. But I DON'T CARE.

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  15. Agree! The post that I immediately run from are recaps on the Bachelorette (sorry if you do those...LOL)I am all about humor & DIY!

  16. LOL. I love that you kept it so real! And that's why I like reading blogs-REALNESS!!



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