February 15, 2013

Glasses are so 2013

I used to think that glasses were the thang back in 1990, but in all reality they WEREN'T!  I started wearing eyeglasses and getting called 4 eyes in the 4th grade!  I even had to wear them while playing basketball with a dorky pair of croakies tied to the back!  Atleast it wasn't as bad as my brother, he wore the sport goggle/glasses before contacts were even invented.  Let's all take a moment to laugh at him!!! hahahahahah, my brother was a dork {I wish I had a picture of THAT}!
I'm really not sure what the worst part about these two photos are...
  1. The Magic Johnson Sweatshirt
  2. The Bangs
  3. The Teeth
Talk about SUPER DORK! I think I have come a long ways since then... What do you think? Okay, I'm still a dork, maybe just a little bit cooler of one...

Okay laydeez and Gents - the new thing to do in 2013 is to get ya'self some online eyeglasses.  I know I know, it seems weird to order glasses online, but not when you can virtually try them on and get them for a fraction of the cost than the eye doctor.

Luckily for you GlassesUSA.com is offering my readers a DISCOUNT!
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Go ahead and check out the virtual mirror below!!


This post is sponsored by GlassesUSA.com however all opinions and statements are my own.


  1. I love your black & white dress. So cute!

  2. Love your current glasses - so chic! And I especially love that Magic Johnson sweatshirt :) Ballin!

  3. I totally remember the 90's and those awful Sally Jessy Raphael glasses!! Thank God we have come a long way. Love your new ones. I would love it if you would like my blog Vodka Infused Lemonade on facebook.



  4. Pretty glasses & wear them too as I am blind as a bat! You should of saw what we wore in the 80's! lol


  5. Love the dress and both glasses look cute on you!! may be needing reading glasses soon if my parent's genes are true to form

  6. love the black white and yellow color combo!

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  7. I'm actually finding for some new glasses! These are really cute.The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!
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  8. Great topic! I'm a bit of an eyewear hound, and love trying new looks
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  9. Great post! Bought a sunglasses at Oakley.com this week. I’m amazed at the quality.


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