October 10, 2012


I went on my Napa Wine Vaycay and stayed in a wine hangover for the two weeks and  decided to take a little break from blogging. Not my intention, but it just happened!  Anyways, since I've been on a blogging hiatus, I have so many things I want to share and I'm not quite sure where to start... Alright, fine I'll start with my trip:

Day 1: Traveling to Napa & Enjoying our 1st Bottle of Wine 

Flight to SanFran was delayed an hour (thanks American Airlines) - we were waiting on a few passengers from another American flight that was running late... Do you see a trend here? A Few keynote things from our traveling excursion:

  • My mom didn't know to put liquids in a baggie! Excuse me, where have you been living since 9/11?  I guess she never does carry-on so this is a little detail that slipped her mind
  • We decided to take one of my small over the shoulder bags and a small rolling bag. MISTAKE on the bag without wheels, it was HEAVY!  We only took it because we didn't want to check a bag and that's all I had for carry-ons.  My mom and I had already spent so much money on a new wardrobe for the trip that we decided to be cheap and not get new luggage. LESSON LEARNED
Once we landed in SanFran we picked up our rental car AKA Tinker Toy Car AKA Ford Fiesta and were on our way to Santa Rosa.  We immediately went the wrong way leaving the airport, but tookanother route with a bazillion stop lights leading us to the Golden Gate Bridge!  Have I ever mentioned that I HATE bridges?  I drive across with my window open with the rationale that if I go plummeting into the sea and I'm still alive I will be able to swim out the window.  Does this make me cray cray? The jury's still out on that one...

After what should have been an hour and a half drive to Santa Rosa (took 3 hours) we arrived at The Hilton!  Boy were we ready for a drink 10 drinks.  Got ourselves a bottle of wine, some dessert and hit the haysack!

Day 2: Wine Tour with Platypus

It was time to sample some smashed grapes and be driven around all day, I was super excited.  I will let the pictures do all the talking..

HIGHLIGHT: I learned to uncork a champagne bottle with a knife!

Day 3 and 4 were spent in Napa - COMING SOON! 


  1. that looks like so much fun! love your striped dress outfit!

  2. Oh your blog is so cute! Looks like u had great fun. Im following u from the followerstofriends bloghop :) im at www.makemeupmandy.com and im having a giveaway soon :)

  3. I live 20 minutes from Santa Rosa!

  4. i've never been on a wine tour but its definitely something on my list! cant wait to see what comes next :)

  5. What a beautiful place, and beautiful pictures. Love your dress! Is it from Old Navy?! ;)
    xo TJ

  6. You have convinced me that after living in this area for 7 years... that I need to do this! You look absolutely adorable! Loving your blog! xo

  7. Hi Alisa, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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