July 9, 2012

Girl Talk Tuesday

It's that time again!  The time to talk about all things girlie {yes, this includes the bachelorette}.

First of all, I'm mildly obsessed with the Kardashians, I wan't to hate them, but I just can't.  I physically CAN'T! It's kinda like my addiction to Diet Coke, I can't stop drinking it.

Kourtney FINALLY had her baby - Penelope Scotland Disik. No pics of the little babe yet, but here's one last of Kourtney prego - she's adorable!

 Okay, so down to the real BIZZNASS - The Bachelorette

I'm linking up with Meg from More From Meg for this post - check out her bloggity blog!

Finally down to the 3 remaining Suitors: Jef, Arie, Sean

DATE #1: Sean

They spend the day on their own private island then go back to the Fantasy Suite, however they didn't stay the night together, because Emily is a MOM - I'm glad she didn't let her hormones get in the way of her morals - NOT!

DATE #2: Jef {with one f}

They took a sailboat around the island then went to dinner.  Emily gives Jef the Fantasy Suite card he denies her out of respect for her daughter and his family.  Wow - way to make Emily eat right out of your hand, which producer do you think fed him these lines?

DATE #3: Arie

Took a Catamaran around the island while they deepthroated each other 99% of the time.  They took a break from one another's mouths to swim with dolphins in the ocean.  Afterwards, Emily actually calls him out and says that all his favorite moments involve them kissing.  Then they kiss more and more and more... How is she going to explain all of this kissing to Ricki?  Don't worry Ricki we didn't have sex, we just sucked faces all day long - THAT'S OKAY, but sex isn't.

WHA-WHA-WHAT?? Emily knows she can't control herself, so she doesn't even give Arie the Fantasy Suite date card!

Rose Ceremony:

OBSESSED with Emily's long sequin skirt and layering necklaces!

This is the best I could do - I took a picture of  her on my TV :)

Jef and Arie get the rose, Sean goes home - Emily cries more than he does.

Enough with that stuff, I'm ready to watch a PARTY - who else is getting excited for Bachelor Pad???  It starts July 23rd and I'm soo excited. 


A few more topics unrelated to Reality TV:
I'm trying {key word, TRYING} to get back on the workout band wagon, I picked up these little beauties, Reebok Zigzag's, to try and get myself motivated again.  50% OFF at DSW, they were only $50, and they're my favorite color, PINK!

Then me and this beast, aka Jillian Michaels hung out for 20 minutes and she seriously kicked my BOOTAY! I usually go to the gym, but I like doing the 30 Day Shred to get back into it. If you haven't done this video, you NEED TO! It's only 20 minutes and it's a great workout.

Alright alright, enough already - I think this is the longest post that I have written yet.  I hope I didn't bore ya'll too much!!!

 1st question - who do you think Emily will pick? 

2nd question - how many of you are going to watch Bachelor Pad?!? 

3rd question {I swear this is the last one} Who else is trying to work out again, I need some MOTIVATION!


  1. Oh good, I need girl talk because , quite frankly, I live with a bunch of boys!!! I haven't gotten into the bachelorette..I know, trust me I KNOW! I don't even know why? Maybe because I don't even know when it is on? ok I am lame. Second, I love Jillian Micheals workouts! I have her Boot Your Metabolism one. and it is a killer. I have been wanting to try the thirty day shred. I just got back from vacation and gains like 4 pounds so I am trying to get back into working out again also!!!

  2. Alright, first, that Girl Talk game at the top reminds of my old Mall Madness. How I loved that game, am I the only one? I think it actually still works-"bank closed".
    Second, yes, yes, yes, to the Bachelor Pad-I love this show 10x more than the Bachelor/Bachelorette-always have.
    Third, I've been working on my fitness regularly for 2 months now, and I have found that the key is finding something that you enjoy to do. Not something that you feel like you HAVE to do. I have been doing booty barre, piyo and piloxing :)

  3. Oh girl, I used to love me some GIrl Talk! Pretty sure I still have it in the attic somewhere. I also have a crazy obsession with the Kardashians and I can't wait to see little Penelope! Oh and I don't think she's gonna pick any of the last three guys!

  4. I didn't follow the Bachelorette but watched last night, for some reason. From the looks of it, she will pick Arie. Jef looks like a little boy to me.

  5. Arie.

    No, probably not.

    And I'm trying....every day, I'm trying. ;)

  6. Girl I feel like I am CONSTANTLY trying to "get back into working out".

  7. 1. I sure do wish Emily would pick Arie, but I feel like she's going to pick Jef.
    2. I cannot wait until Bachelor Pad starts!!!!!!!!!!!!! That, and Big Brother!
    3. You have got to try Blogilates for a good workout. Check her out, www.blogilates.com. She does Pilates and great HIIT trainings. I'm addicted!

  8. I accidently ran across an article about Emily planning her marriage to said person... I was just so curious as to who she would pick I clicked on the article and found out. I'm not going to say who it was, but I was disappointed.
    And, yes, I'm going to be watching bachelor pad!
    No, I haven't been working out. :(

  9. Thanks for all the great comments! Ashlee - I'm definitely going to check out blogilates! Also glad that everyone is just as excited as Bachelor Pad as I am :) if you want to ruin the surprise go to realitysteve.com, he should tell you who wins. I usually read, but for some reason I haven't this season, I like to keep myself in suspense!

  10. #1: What'd you think of Kourtney's baby name choice? I honestly expected something a little more 'cutesy'. I loved 'Mason Dash' so I guess I was a little disappointed with her choice of name this go around.

    #2: Stoked about Bachelor Pad!!

    #3: Loving your new kicks! I used to do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred! That video is KILLER! I moved at a snail's pace for the 3 days following my workout. Haven't put the DVD back in since! lol. I know! I'm a slacker.

    Loving your blog! New follower! :)

  11. Oh & I just realized I didn't answer any of your questions except for the one about Bachelor Pad. I think Emily will pick Jef -- he is my favorite! :)

    & I've been working on going jogging again! There are a few 5K's that I'm doing in a few months so I'm trying to train for that! BLAH!


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