August 1, 2014

Hello Pre-Pregnancy Clothes!

I've had 6 months to get back to my post-partum body and I'm happy to say I'm finally down to my pre-pregnancy size.  Am I telling you this to brag?  Absolutely not, I'm telling you so I can talk about my weight-loss journey and what it's REALLY like after having a baby.

During pregnancy I was one of those girls that decided to just kinda eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (see picture below)... I figured it's the one time in your life when you can gain weight and everyone talks about how cute you look.  Awh, you just ate 10 cupcakes, that's so cute, I mean "you're eating for 2"...  I just wanted to live it up and enjoy each and every one of those little compliments I received.

I ended up gaining a whopping 50 pounds, but my doctor didn't seem to be concerned, so I wasn't either..

After having Dax, I thought dang I feel like I've already lost all my weight, this is awesome!  When I got home from the hospital I made the mistake of weighing myself and I had only lost 3 lbs!! 3 pounds, WTF??? Dax weighed more than 3 pounds, so what is the problem?

I decided to nurse, so this is one of the things that kept me motivated in the beginning to continue through the pain.  At first I wasn't really losing much weight, but after 3 months I had dropped 30 lbs, which was good, but I thought it would all come off a lot quicker.

I still had those nagging 20 lbs left to lose and unfortunately was a bridesmaid in a wedding 3 months post-partum and felt absolutely terrible about myself!  After the wedding I decided I really wasn't going to think about it too much, it's hard to diet when you are nursing because you don't want to lose any of your milk supply.

So, after not caring as much about it, but eating a little healthier (more fruits & veggies, salad for atleast one meal a day) I am finally back to my post-partum weight!  This has added a TON of options back to my wardrobe and I think that's what I'm most excited about!  I still would like to lose another 10 lbs, but again I'm not going to stress about it and hopefully they will fall out like the other 50 lbs did.

Mostly I just want to get across the message that you may or may not lose the weight as fast as you thought you would.  Also, after having a baby your body will never be the same again!  It's a new body that you have to learn to love.  

What is your post-partum weight loss story?


  1. That is such a great accomplishment! Thank you for posting this and being so honest. I am worried about gaining weight and not being able to lose it after baby, but I know it is something that every new mother struggles with. 6 months is fast! Congrats!

  2. Amen! It took me 6 months too. And of course there are another 8 I would love to drop. You look great!

  3. thats awesome. post partum weight loss seems so stressful! I'm scurred. haha. kidding...sortaaa

  4. Unless you are like 1% of the women population it takes time to lose the weight and I am so happy to hear that you didn't beat yourself up too much and that you did it the healthy way!! Congrats!!

  5. You look great! Good job on all the hard work.

  6. Great job taking such a healthy approach! I had twins for my second pregnancy, and though I didn't gain a ton of weight, my body will definitely never be the same.


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