February 22, 2013

How to Become A Girly-Girl

Wear something pink every single day!  Even if it's your underwear or socks, just do it! Your femininity will thank you...

Wear bows, these aren't just for little girls!

Always write with a pink pen, ALWAYS... If it's scented that's even better!

A true girly-girl is also a Bargainista!

Take pictures of yourself in the cutest bathroom ever!

Shop at Target at a minimum of 3 times a week.

Fix your hair everyday!  Don't be lookin all like a piece of Ass Trash, that's just not cute!

Wear way too much makeup on a consistent basis.  This includes foundation, powder bronzer, eye shadow (atleast 2 colors), Eye liner, Mascara, lipstick and lip gloss... This is all just essential! Seriously...

Wear push-up bras, the "girls" will glad you did!

Paint your fingernails - no one wants to see those gnarly cracked cuticles. This is the basics in girly-girl 101.

Match your outfit to your drink.

Own an office chair cover with a giant PINK Bow!

Wear Pink Workout Shoes!

Indulge yourself in PINK Accessories.

Wear Heels to work everyday, who cares if it ruins your feet, atleast you'll look sexy {and you know it} Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah... Ok back on track

Watch at least 10 reality shows on Bravo a week and blog about it...

Wear a dress atleast 3 times a week, this way when you eat too much at work it will expand on it's own.

Drink Wine with your pinky in the air - It's Okay to be a snoodie byotch evey once in a while

Become a cupcake, want to find out how?? Just click Here...

If you follow all of these guidelines you will be a GIRLY-GIRL in NO TIME!!

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  1. lol! This post definitely made me laugh.

    PS - I really LOVE that pink heart sweater. Old Navy? Target (lol)

  2. Oh my gosh I am so guilty of like all of this!

  3. This post is fantastic! And I LOVE those cupcake costumes--genius! Totally guilty of shopping at Target way too often, got the pink shoes too- DOH!

  4. I love your workout shoes. I want a pair even though I won't workout in them.

  5. Love all the pink and the cheaper versions of the Tory Burch flats.



  6. Perfect advice hahah so cute
    LOVE the pics

  7. I truly think of myself as a girly girl. So when reading this post I was like "I have this in the bag" ha ha. Well I have come to the conclusion every girly girl has some things that can make then more girly :)

    You gave some great advise, this was a fun post.



  8. Aw crap...almost made the cut...I did not shop at Target this week and I don't have a pink bow on my chair at work and I don't match my outfit to my drink...BUT I will order a drink that is consistent to what I'm wearing...like jeans and a tee calls for beer, but heels, jeans and a cute top calls for a Cosmo :) hahaah love this girly-gril post :)

  9. Loved this post - I am obsessed with PINK as well. Like a sick obsession. It's good to remember to enjoy life! :) thanks for the reminder. Andddd thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm running a giveaway right now and would love for you to enter it.
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

    Enter my giveaway to win a Monogrammed Leather Clutch here

  10. Hahaha this post was so cute! I love pink and also think it should be worn often! OMG, that cupcake costume is adorable! I love all things cupcake, that may be my Halloween costume this year! Oh, I found your blog through Style Elixir and am now following you : ). I hope you are having a great weekend!

  11. i love the heart sweater with the polka dots under neath! and love these girly things!

  12. hehehe i love this post!!!! i didn't do my hair today so i'm guessing i look like a piece of ASS TRASH bwahaha

    ps where is that cute bow bracelet from???


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