January 17, 2013

The Beautiful Life of A Blogger

We all do our blogging poses, put on make-up, way too much jewelry and pretend like our life is the SHIZNIT! Let's be real ladies... We don't ALWAYS look this pretty, nor is our shit always together.  I mean it's fun to pretend like it is in blogland, but today I wanna get real with you BISCHES!

Say What!?!? Bloggers aren't pretty and perfect all the time?  Mostly I'm lookin like this:

My teeth suck - I've had 8 cavities filled in the last 2 months and I just got a crown.EFF!

Every night when I get home I throw on a pair of sweats and furry boots.  Usually when I'm at home I look like AssTrash (my new saying), not like this or this...

Lookin like AssTrash, AGAIN (can you guys please help me make this work happen, k thanks!) while decorating cookies...

Another good example of Ass Trash - dressing in the most disgusting clothes from Ross and taking pics in the dressing room with your BFF.

Just realized almost all these pics are blurry.  Oh well, I guess it's just a good example of what I'm trying to get across.  Bloggers AREN'T perfect like we pretend to be on the Interwebz...

Seriously though, is your life as cute as your blog?  Clearly mine isn't...


  1. heck to the no!

    i absolutely love this "real" post... might just insipire me to do one too! :)

  2. cute and funny.. :) And I wear my comfy pants whenever I am not working..



  3. NEWSFLASH: You still look hot. Even with those goggle thingies on. If I were to post what I really look like half the time, no one would read my blog because it would be nothing but asstrash. Plus sometimes I wear no pants when I get home and no one wants to see that ish.

  4. hahaha oh we're all just a bunch of fakers! I'm lucky if I even put on makeup every day!

  5. Contrary to what's on my blog, I am in PJ pants within 10 minutes of getting home everyday. I just figured no one really wants to see how gross I truly am.
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  6. HAHA! I love this! My life is definitely not as cute as my blog... as I type this with unwashed, unfixed hair, glasses, and over sized sweatpants.

    <3 danielle

  7. Alisa,

    haha this is great. So true!! Although I have to admit sometimes I really do dress up to go out and then make sure I get a pic of it. But right now, no...I'm in sweats with no makeup, hair in a bun, definitely not blog-worthy :-)

    xxo Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds {dot} com

  8. I don't think anyone is as perfect as their blog may suggest. We all have our moments.:)

  9. ASSTRASH!!!!! that's the best thing i have heard in weeks! i am definitely going to put it into my regular rotation. this post is hysterical. LOVE it!

  10. Hahah I need to do a post like this! One day I asked Chris to take a picture of me cooking and he said,"Ehhh, babe, I don't think you want to look like that on your blog..." I died laughing! Even Chris knows what is good for the blog hahah!

  11. The minute I'm home...my PJs are on. Every. Single. Day. :)


  12. definitely appreciated this post! and am right there with you!

  13. Everyone looks less glamorous in real life than they do on the internet and the word "asstrash" is hilarious!

    Life of Ally

  14. You had me at Ass Trash.

    I love this post because I can't stand seeing all these bloggers dressed from head to toe in super cute clothes, makeup and hair perfect and a crap ton of jewelry on knowing they did it for the pictures and then changed back into their yoga pants.

    This is why I'm not a fashion blogger. When I'm actually getting dressed to go somewhere, I'm running late and don't take pictures. Then bam, back in my yoga pants!


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