September 4, 2012

Bachelor Pad Blab and Gab

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I’ve been a little bit of a bad blogger – I skipped my recap last week because well life was happening and I simply didn’t have time!

On to the good stuff…

This week there were 4 remaining couples.  Whoever won the first challenge was able to choose a couple to go home immediately.

Of course Sarah and Chris won for the 3rd time in a row and send Blakely and Tony packing.  Blakely bawled her eyes out because she knows now that she will have to be an Aesthetician the rest of her life.  I felt bad for Tony, since he has a kid – sounded like he really did need the money. 

The final Challenge of Bachelor Pad was all of the contestants performing in front of a live audience.  When I saw this in the previews I KNEW it would not disappoint. 

Seriously – LMFAO!

Rachel and No Name guy actually did pretty good.  They couldn't sing, but they actually didn't make fools of themselves.

Ed and Jaclyn forgot all the words and basically dry humped on stage. They both even asked to start over at the very beginning, but were forced to keep going! This has GOT to be the most humiliating moment of their life!

Sarah and Chris remembered the words, but were so EFFING awkward.  #1 Sarah’s outfit – disgusting, #2 Sarah’s dancing EMBARASSING #3 {Insert Funny Sarcastic Comment}

Rachel and No Name end up winning and send Ed and Jaclyn home.  OUCH, sounds like Rachel and Jaclyn won’t be friends again ANYTIME soon.

They left a huge cliff-hanger at the end like something insanely crazy is going to happen and we are all just going to roll over and die.  I might spoil it for myself and go to to read what happens. Until then, link-up your posts below!

PS – Labor Day Weekend Update coming tomorrow….



  1. I told myself I wouldn't go on reality steve but I don't know if I can wait until next Monday!!! So much suspense!

  2. I'm so behind, I need to catch up on my DVR! After reading this I'm excited to see it!

  3. OMG Ed and Jaclyn were ridiculous. They made huge fools of themselves. And what was with Sarah!! She proved to everyone that she's a terrible singer AND a terrible dance. Apparently Chris isn't into her because of her singing and dancing ability. I can't wait to see what happens next Monday!!!


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