August 9, 2012

Don't Be a FAT B*ISCH!!

Good News: I went to the gym 3 times last week like I had planned, CHECK!

Bad News: I gained 3 4 lbs – I usually gain when I first start working out, so I’m OKAY with this {It’s either from working out or the pizza, breadsticks and candy I ate over the weekend, whoopsies}

I’m starting to remember all the reasons why I loved working out:
  • Love how I feel after working out
  • Love the smell of the gym (kinda weird)
  • Love the excitement of everyone in the classes
  • Most of all I Love not being a FAT B*ISCH!
Alisa’s Rules for going to the gym:
-         Please wear a sports bra, a tank top with a built-in bra doesn’t count when you have  Double D Boobies {If you look like Donna from Bachelor Pad, pic here, double bra it}
-         Please wear a shirt over your sports bra (unless you have a 6 pack), I know I’m being overly judgemental, but this can just be gross
-         Wear deodorant, this is NOT OPTIONAL
-         If you come in late to class, don’t stand in front of the front row. YOU’RE LATE go to the back of the class B*ISCH!

I want to get in a routine with working out, then I will try to eat healthier.  My version of eating healthier is eating one piece of pizza instead of 2, no really!

I don’t ever really diet.  It’s not my style… I want to make healthier choices for myself as a long term goal, not just diet diet diet for a few months to drop pounds fast and then quit and gain them back.  My goal is always to lead a healthier lifestyle. If I tried to go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week and diet at the same time, I would wear myself out and give up!

Tip of the Week:
Swap a few Diet Cokes for lemon water.  

In an effort to drink more water, I'm adding fresh lemon to each glass, it makes it taste better and after I googled Lemon Water today found out it actually has health benefits - win win! Click Here for more info!


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  1. oh my gosh i busted up laughing at your boos and donna from the bachelor comment, and because that is true, she needs to hide those puppies up more. i think you shouldn't diet either make it a healthy lifestyle choice, eating moderately and exercise enough

  2. Your rules for going to the gym crack me up! They are so true!

  3. LOVE your rules for the gym - too funny! I agree - deodorant is NOT just an option and I HATE when late people go to the front of the rude!!

  4. HAHAHA - love all your gym rules!!! I have to say - I agree with them all and I have one to add - don't be a creeper and stare at me while I am sweating like a pig, you nasty guy!

  5. You are funny!! Swap more of those sodas this week.. Those extra 4 pounds wil come right off. :)

  6. Can I get an AMEN for the double bra? If your boobs are hitting you in the face you got a problem fix it? Im quiite busty myself but I strap these suckers down, they don't move, double bra all the way...and good expensive ones!

  7. Good news! Youre already a skinny minnie and you are working out so good for YOU!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Thanks for linking up lady!


  8. I'll have to check out the lemon water thing! I'm challenging myself to ONLY drink water this week (besides happy hour tonight, of course) :/ We will see how that goes!


  9. Bawhaha. This made me LOL. Thanks for following my blog! I checked yours out, and LOVE it, so I am now following you back. :)



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