July 24, 2012

Girl Talk Tuesday

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I'm pretty disappointed with Episode #1, but my expectations were low to begin with. The first episode is never good, I mean there hasn't been enough time for everyone to really HATE each other!

Seriously Michael?? Is this before or after you got dumped 50 Times?  I'm not buying it!
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Highlight was Ed getting wasted and swam around in his underwear, Belches while Chris Harrison is talking and continues to drink wine then gets BACK in the pool! Jillian Harris is either loving this or is completely HUMILIATED. I'm going to go with the latter. Remember when he and Jillian were so happy together?

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: "It's not a hot tub it's a cold Tub" Thanks Ed
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Is anyone else disappointed that Jake and Vienna aren't on this season??

Next episode alludes to Lindzi and Kalon being together - WTF?  What are you thinking Lindzi?  I can already tell you how this one ends up!
 Check back Thursday for my first DIY Project!  What did you think of Bachelor Pad??

Also, I FINALLY got my blog button up and working.  If you'd like to swap buttons just let me know!  allthingsalisamarie@gmail.com


  1. I didnt get to watch it but this makes me want too! I love that picture of Michael- hes so funny!

  2. haha we went to see Batman last night so I didn't watch it, but I'll probably find it online today! At least so I know what's going on before they all start getting crazier

  3. Ed is a hot mess. Definitely will be the source of entertainment this season! I know Kalon is a jerk but he is so good looking I feel like I don't care. That's probably what Lindzi's thinking too :) I'd love to swap buttons, I'm going to grab yours!

  4. Sadly, I too found myself completely enthralled in Bachelor Pad last night. Its a big ole hot mess waiting to happen! Am I the only one thoroughly disappointed Erica Rose got to stay?! I can't STAND her!
    xo, Kathryn Laine

  5. Oh my... So much is going to happen this season, can't wait. I don't know if it's just me but Erica is hilarious... between her and Ed this season is for sure going to be amazing. & I personally like Michael... I feel like it won't be Bachelor Pad without him and his humorous remarks lol! Kalon, well I hope Lindzi comes to her senses eventually, she's way too good {& pretty} for him!

    <3 Melissa

  6. I just can't do Bachelor Pad. I watched one season and it pretty much raised my blood pressure every episode. I'll continue to watch the Bachelor/ette faithfully, though!

  7. Ed was freaking hilarious! He's such a douche, but it was so funny! I kept saying, "It's not a hot tub, it's a cold tub" all night.

  8. The quote for the night is so funny but is so true. Hot tubs are supposed to be hot and steamy, one way or another. :)


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