May 15, 2012

Bombtini Time

So, I ended up abandoning the last blog that I started, it was only about baking and quite frankly I was getting sick of just talking about baking (only wrote 3 or 4 posts, haha)!  I wanted to start a new blog that I could talk about anything and everything from hair and makeup to the disgusting lady at work that wore spanx longer than her skirt, true story!! Cheers to this blog working out better than the last one!

This weekend my friend Nikki told Matt and I that her favorite drink is a Bomb Pop Martini which I renamed Bombtini's.  Matt of course decided to get the ingredients to make our own and they were delicious!

Did I mention that Nikki and I bought matching outfits from Ross, Neon striped shirts and hot pink leggings, we danced around the house in them all weekend!

New Outfit: $13
Making Memories in New Outfits: Priceless


I also made a Mississippi Mud Cake for Matt's Grandma's 80th Birthday Cake.

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