May 16, 2012

Crazy for Color

I'm currently obsessed with colored pants (Thanks mom) and the color yellow!

I've tried on several different pairs of colored pants, but can't decide what color I want, I might have to start off with white just to ease myself into it.  A few months ago my mom told me that I should buy a pair and I told her she was disgusting and that we weren't in the 1980's anymore.  Needless to say, she was right!  Everyone seems to be wearing colored pants and I'm really needing to jump on this bandwagon!  My problem is that by the time I buy something "trendy" everyone stops wearing it and it's not cool anymore, maybe I am just a trend ruiner!

My other obsession since I was in high school is anything with an interesting back whether it's open or has some special detail on it, anything!  I'm really a fan of the yellow lace shirt below with the open back, I'm just trying to figure out how to pull this look off.  If you wear a tank top underneath, it really defeats the purpose of the open back.  I guess you could just wear a bandeau bra under and be good to go, I don't know then it might seem like more of a swimsuit cover-up. So until I really figure out how to wear this style I'm going to keep it on my wish list...

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