September 10, 2014

10 Fall DIY Projects I'm Dying to Try

I've really been itching to do some more DIY projects.  With an 8 month old son that's getting close to walking and refuses to take naps longer than 45 minutes, my time is really limited. However, that doesn't stop me from pinning and dreaming about my next project that I may or may not ever have time for. 

I know it's only the beginning of September and it won't be cool in TX until November, but I'm already really wanting to do some more Fall Decor Projects.  Here are some that are on my list:

Not only do I love glitter, but the fact that you can make all this from Dollar Store Supplies is a total bonus!!
The Thinking Closet
I love the simplicity of this project and the burlap Fall Banner.  I actually have a spare pallet laying around in my garage just asking to be used!
The Turquoise Home
The House of Smiths
Unoriginal Mom
Duct Tape Pumpkin - Source Unknown

This is from Etsy, but I think I could figure out how to craft it on my own...  Might not turn out quite as good, but I sure will try!
For Your Home
Burlap, Burlap and more Burlap!  I seriously need to add more Burlap to my house, I think that it totally screams "Fall"!
My Cherry Topped Life
Source Unknown
Source Unknown
Are you planning any fall DIY Projects?  I'm really wanting to glitter some pumpkins for my front porch, might be a little messy, but I think it will be worth it!!


  1. I'm in a DIY kind of mood these days too. Now I just have to make the time for some projects!

  2. Enjoyed all of your ideas. Which one first. Thanks for sharing


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