August 8, 2014

Diaries of A Bargainista: Friday Faves

Lately I've been finding some really good deals at Target.  I suppose it's because they are switching seasons, but either way I don't care why, I just know that I am taking full advantage!

2 Wallets from Target $2 Each.  The pink one reminds me of something from Kate Spade and I LOVE IT!

Does anyone remember Creme Savers?  I just found them at Market Street the other day and my friend Nikki and I ate an entire bag in 1 day.  So good!

Another Target Steal!  I thought it was tape, but it's just trim that you have to glue down.  I'm sure I will find some use for this since I'm starting to craft more!

Adorable make your own cards.  I've been making an effort to send cards more frequently, so I thought these were perfect.  Especially considering the fact that one card is $5.  The Bargainista strikes again...

Last, but not least I loved getting a KLR koozie in my last order.  It's already been used numerous times.  It makes a Michelob Ultra look much more fancy!


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