July 30, 2014

Diaries Of A Bargainista: The "Mom" Shorts

Top: Marshalls $16.99 / Shorts: Old Navy $10 / Necklace: Chewbeads $40 Amazon
I finally took some time to go through my dresser and decided it was finally time to get rid of my short short short shorts!  Shorts that cup the bottom of my butt cheeks aren't really appropriate for me anymore.  I decided it was time to invest in shorts that are a little bit longer and "mom" appropriate. Waaa, waaa........

I went to Old Navy because I've had really good luck with shorts there, but unfortunately they didn't have any of the 3.5" shorts ANYWHERE! Ugh, well I tried on the 5" length and I figured okay, these aren't too bad, so I decided to buy them.  The fact that they were only $10 was nice little perk too!

Lets also talk for a minute about this pink necklace that I'm wearing.  Let me introduce to you Chewbeads!  It's actually a teething necklace that I use for my son.  When I leave the house it's so nice to have this necklace for the little man to chew on, he absolutely loves it!  The only thing that I wish is that I had every single color!  I tend to wear white or black shirts a lot now just so I can wear the necklace.  I also love that it's not just functional it's fashionable!

Do you have any functional and fashionable pieces?
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  1. Chewbeads! What a brilliant name! lol! This is a cute casual look! love it.

    Also Did you see my post about my blogiversary? It's $5 to sign up and it's a cash giveaway and you'll get social media/blog follows! here's the post! I'd love to have you girl! http://www.askawayblog.com/2014/07/blogger-sign-up-ask-aways-4-year.html

  2. ha - i agree took me a bit to get used to the mom shorts. i allowed myself to keep ONE pair of the "shorty" ones, but that's it. lol.

  3. I have to rock the "mom" shorts these days because I can't imagine having my ass hang out like I used to. I'm not 16 anymore and neither is my back end!

  4. You look fab girl! Will be stopping by again
    Martina xx

  5. Whatttt a necklace YOU wear for your baby to chew on? Crayness. But seriously genius. I bet poeple see you letting him chew on it and think your nuts haha!

  6. Chewbeads?! What an awesome idea. I had no idea something like that even existed!


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