May 2, 2014

Target VS Walmart

We've all seen the posts "The People of Walmart" but in case for some reason you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years lemme refresh your memory:

This week I decided to grocery shop at Walmart instead of Target for the little fact that is is INDEED cheaper.  Since momma is now unemployed (aka SAHM), I'm trying to find the best deals possible.  I was constantly weighing the pros and cons in my mind and did indeed decide to turn right instead of left and went to Walmart.

As expected it was a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I hate the atmosphere, the people, the carts, the smell, the color of the walls, everything.  Before I went I thought, GEE if I go there and I KNOW it's going to be a terrible experience then I will hustle and get outta there as fast as possible, thus only getting what I need and getting out.  That is one of the positives and basically the only one.  I swear every single aisle was crowded (I went at 4pm on a Monday, I clearly waited too late) and people were taking up the ENTIRE aisle and just standing there.  It's like they were completely unaware that anyone else was even in the store.

I also noticed that no one and I mean NO ONE said excuse me, they just plow past you and act like you don't even exist.  They might even scrape into the side of your cart and act like it didn't happen.  Okay, I'm lying that was just added for Dramatic Effects...

Then one of the things that I hate MOST is that all of the toiletries and makeup are on the opposite side of the store.  Of course by the time I get to the checkout the baby is starting to rustle around and getting antsy so I haul A over to the shampoo aisle and realize I forgot Trashbags, EFF!!! At this point I'm literally sprinting back to the other side of the store (literally opposite corners) to get the bags and get the heck outta there.

Finally made it to the checkout and the baby isn't screaming bloody murder THANKFULLY!!

One last and positive piece on shopping at Walmart is that I dropped a huge box of trashbags from the bottom of my cart and a man came running after me saying "Ma'am Ma'am you dropped something".  That was a $16 box of trashbags, so I was so thankful that he brought it to me and didn't just stick it in his cart.

At Target my number one annoyance is the prices!  But overall I wonder how much I really saved by shopping at Walmart, maybe 20 Bucks?  Totally not worth the hastle!! However, when I go to Target I usually end up spending even more because I have to browse the purses, shoes, clothes, baby clothes, baby toys, home goods, essentially the whole store thus leaving with wayy more than I went in for.

If anyone even read that entire post (which I'm sure no one did), what is your opinion? Target or Walmart??


  1. I almost died when I saw your pics in my feed! Walmart is an experience its like you have to mentally prep before going. Sometimes I choose to spend more and just go to Target. I justify it by using my Target Card and getting an extra 5%. At the end of day if I want the best value then I will visit Wally World. :)

  2. Honestly I would rather spend a little more at Target and have a pleasant experience than step into a Walmart. I never find what I need and I end up needing to go somewhere else anyways. Plus, I have the Target debit RedCard and use the Cartwheel app and honestly can still find good deals! I just really dislike gross walmart!

  3. I almost never go to Walmart, which I feel guilty admitting because it is a LOT cheaper than Target, especially for groceries. I've found though that shopping at Target takes so much stress away that the prices seem worth it (and it probably isn't *that* much of a price difference, esp. since I rarely allow myself in the shoe or accessory sections :)

  4. I go to Walmart but I go as soon as I drop my kids off at school in the morning so there is no hassle.

  5. I prefer Target over Walmart....and I cannot wait for them to build the one that is less than 5 minutes from my house!! I genuinely find stuff decently priced (got a $50 comforter for $10 once). You can also use Target coupons PLUS manufacturer coupons on items. And the cartwheel app also gives you good things. I will visit Walmart because its the only place I can buy this pupcorn that my dog likes. :)

  6. I definitely prefer to class it up at Target, but I buy my groceries at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood market. It's a much, MUCH different experience from the run of the mill Wal-Mart.

  7. This is hilarious! The hubs and I went to walmart the other day, my first time ever, looking for bookcases I saw on pinterest. I couldn't find them and the store just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. It is seriously weird lol we booked it out of there. Can't say I'd go back, but I understand you can't beat the prices!

    Bunnies and Pearls

  8. Okay I love Target but Walmart is closer so I go there more often. BUT I have recently been enlightened to all the ways to save $$ at Target. Get the Cartwheel app, the Target app, and check out


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