April 29, 2014

Stay At Home Mom Style

I would love to lounge around in yoga pants all day with dirty hair and no makeup, but I just CAN'T.  Lets be honest some days I don't shower and I am nasty, but the baby doesn't care, right???  I've made a rule for myself that if I have to leave the house for any reason (errands, grocery shopping, etc) I MUST have on makeup and make somewhat of an effort with my hair even if it is just a ponytail it's an intentional ponytail - ya know?

Now that it's summer, I'm mostly wearing shorts and t-shirts or some type of cute top.  Here's what I wore the other day on my grocery shopping outting.

Ignore the poor quality photo, my son is asleep in the background and I couldn't turn on the light #SAHMproblems
Fancy, right?  This is about as good as it gets here people.  It's a far stretch from the styles I used to sport like this one and this one...  But my style is evolving now that I'm a stay at home mommy and it really has to be more functional than fashionable.

What's your stay-at-home mom style??


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