November 17, 2013

32 Week Bumpdate!

I went a little crazy this week with the pictures, but I just couldn't help myself! I was only going to post one picture, but then I couldn't make any decisions (surprise surprise) so I posted them all! I've been pretty terrible at taking weekly pictures, but atleast I have some, better than nothing, right??

Size of Baby: Head of Lettuce, we have a sonogram in a week so we will find out just exactly how big he really is!  I'm guessing around 4 lbs, they keep saying he is going to be a big baby.  At the last sonogram he was in the 87th percentile for size (whatever that means...)

Stretch Marks: Nada, I keep checking every morning and I haven't seen anything yet.

Maternity Clothes:  All Maternity, but I've been incorporating some of my fall vests and cardigans into my wardrobe

Gender:  Boy, the same that it has been since 13 weeks :)

Movement:  It's literally like a party in my stomach!  Sometimes it makes me jump because the kicking and punching are so powerful.  He surprises me every once in a while with a swift kick that I wasn't anticipating!

Sleep:  Good, I don't know how I would make it without my maternity boppy pillow!  I might not give it up!

Missing:  Really nothing other than being able to do whatever I want.  Top Golf just opened by our house and I can't go with this basketball in front of my stomach... 

Loving:  My Belly, I love seeing it grow.  I just can't imagine it getting larger, but it's definitely going to since I still have 8 weeks!

Craving:  Breakfast food - Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Bacon, Chicken Minis - anything and everything breakfast!  If I could wake up early enough I would go to IHOP every morning to eat - YUMM!

Feeling: Alright.... I think the baby is laying on my sciatic nerve because I get shooting pains in my back every time I walk.  I've been sitting on the couch all weekend and it's already getting pretty boring! I still have pretty itchy skin, but it's getting a little better.Also been getting a ton of Braxton Hick contractions, luckily none of them are painful yet, but it feels weird when your stomach is hard as a rock!

Looking Forward: Getting excited for Christmas!  It will be here in no time!

Best Moment(s): Seeing the nursery finished!  Might add a few more small touches, but it's probably 95% Done.

I also placed a few Etsy orders this weekend since I was couch-bound!  How cute is this little newsboy cap??

Click Here to visit the shop


  1. You look gorgeous! I love your polka dot top. I've had so many people say to me...I can't wait to see you in 2 months because you're running out of room and I just can't imagine where he is going to go! I can't either haha. But like you said, we will make room.

  2. you are so gorgeous!! what a perfect belly! :) yeah for an almost finished nursery! and that little hat is SO cute!

  3. Looking fabulous!! Love the top - I have the same one in two colors! ha!! Obsessed with that hat!! I must find my little guy one!


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