May 15, 2013

Why do I love JEANS so much?

Yes, I'm the one on the left, yes those are overalls, yes I wish they were still appropriate to wear...
Every day I wake up for work and have to decide what I’m going to wear...  Slacks, skirt, dress, crop pants, which top / Tucked in, not tucked in / Should I wear a jacket or a cardigan or just the blouse by itself / Heels or flats / open –toe or closed-toe?? The options seem to be endless, but there is one thing lacking from my list JEANS!

Oh the coveted jeans…

You see, I have to dress up every day at work, which really isn’t as bad as it sounds, I actually don’t mind it at all.  There’s just something about wearing jeans to work that I love…

A dress? Yes, most comfortable thing you could possibly wear it’s basically like wearing a nightgown in public – much more comfortable than jeans!

Skirt and a top? Easy, almost as comfortable as a dress, but not quite

Dress Pants – LOVE! They are so cottony and comfortable, they don’t chaffe my legs or suffocate the bottom of my ankles- definitely more comfortable than jeans…
So, what is it that I LOVE about these things called Jeans??

Denim – depending on if it’s stretchy or not isn’t ALWAYS the most comfortable thing in the world

Maybe it’s that fact that you can wear denim so many different ways…
  • Dacket (Denim Jacket)
  • Jorts (Jean Shorts)
  • Jirt (aka chambray aka Jean shirt)
  • Japris (Jean capris)
  • Dirt (Denim Skirt)
  • Doveralls (Denim overalls, DUH)
I mean you can’t take a pair of slacks, cut them off and wear them as shorts… ( You COULD, but the real question is SHOULD YOU??)

You can’t take a dress and wear it as a chambray top.

So, what is it about Jeans that makes me love them so much??

Is it the versatility of the material that I’m so fond of??  Maybe it’s the fact that Americans have been wearing jeans since the 18th century and I love “being a part of history” (NOT)? Maybe it’s the fact that you can make jeans look country or classy?

I don’t know what it is about jeans that I love so much, but the fact is I LOVE JEANS! I've been wearing them since the 1980's and I'm going to continue wearing them until my muffin top won't fit in a pair anymore.

And with that I'll leave you with an entire family photo of Jeans:


  1. haha Jeans are pretty awesome and a step above sweats for casual outfits ;) you look adorable as a little one in "doveralls"

  2. I´m a hands down jeans girl and I prefer them over a dress anytime. ;) The family jeans photo is adorable!

  3. I agree with all of this! I love jeans and wish I could wear them every day but I don't know why! ps. overalls are coming back into style ;) check out they call them dungarees I think!


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