April 10, 2013

How to get ready for work in 15 minutes

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep sounds your alarm for the 500th time! You roll over press your home button and realize its 7:30; you have to be to work by 8:00.  In order for that to happen you have to be fully clothed and out the door at 7:45….

Normal people would panic in this situation.. ME, I calmly roll outta bed and get my day started.  You see, this is me EVERY single morning.  I’ve been like this since High School, I can NEVER wake up on time and I’m always in a rush to get ready, thus looking like ASS TRASH by the time I’m heading out the door.  I’ve perfected this routine perfectly and want to share with you in case you’re ever in a panic…

BRUSH YOUR TEETH: no time to do this for 3 minutes (or however long you’re supposed to), so ya better brush hard, 20 seconds MAX

SHOWER: You better hope that you took a shower the night before, if not you have about 90 seconds to get in and out... BE CAREFUL, you’re going to be in a panic at this point and you don’t want to slip getting out of the shower.

APPLY MAKEUP: You’re running so late, there’s barely time… Eyeliner, Mascara, Powder GO!!!

HAIR: you just washed your hair and it’s soaking wet with only 7 minutes remaining and you still have to get dressed and feed the cats…

DO NOT BRUSH: I know this seems weird, but it will take too much time.  Take hair out of towel and use a diffuser to give hair the “beach/wavy” look. 

More than likely you won’t have time to get your hair completely dry, if this is the case leave it down for now and right before you walk into work throw it into a low bun / Add headband if it’s too obvious how wet your hair still is

GET DRESSED: This is the best part, I never plan what I’m going to wear the next day, do your best to make sure what you choose isn’t TOO wrinkled and doesn’t have any stains on it.  Throw a scarf over entire outfit, the more layers, the more it looks like you spent time thinking about your outfit.

LEAVE: Haul AZZ outta your bathroom and pray your husband already fed the cats.  Grab keys, sprint to car and peel outta the driveway. These are your 5 minutes to relax and judge yourself for how bad your face looks today. Put on the shiniest lip gloss you have and a pair of giant earrings, this should detract from your face and disgusting outfit.

Steal the last good parking spot in the parking lot and RUN up 3 flights of stairs.  Again, be careful on this step, it’s EASY to fall UP stairs (it’s happened more than once)….

Arrive at work…..

You’re probably 5 minutes late, but HEY that’s not too bad… Try to sit as quietly at your desk as possible so you don’t bring attention to yourself.

Enjoy your day, REPEAT tomorrow….


  1. Made me laugh! I love that GIF of the toddler going down the stairs!!

  2. If I'm running late, make-up is a no go. I also mastered the wet braid (I know it's bad for hair) with a headband look.

  3. Hahahaha ass trash... Perfect wording.
    Thanks for the little chuckle.


  4. teheehehehehe this is me everrrryyyyy singggleee morningg!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HAHAHAHA...this is me every single day too! I would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes than get up and look cute!

  6. Story of my mornings! ha ha I just cannot wake up on time!

  7. LOL, story of my life! Loved the little boy on the stairs :)

  8. Haha, this is my morning, every morning! Sometimes, I don't have time for make-up so I stroll into the office with my sunglasses on until I get to my office where I quickly apply powder and mascara :)

    Rikki @ lbyrikki.com

  9. HAHA love how we don't have time to brush our teeth for very long! SO TRUE lol Love this post, made my morning!

    XO Chelsea

  10. Too funny-- when I have 15 minutes, I forgo the shower and instead resort to body spray and perfume. I also use dry shampoo and/or baby powder to get the grease out of my hair. If it's really bad, a headband can help to hide it. I also end up doing my make up at my desk. It's cool :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  11. Too funny....now I feel like I am in a hurry....this gave me some adrenaline!! LOL! That someecard is freaking hilarious and so true!!

  12. I hate my mornings that start off behind like this!

  13. This made me laugh out loud (as I struggle to get to work on time (or in a timely manner) - even without having to take my daughter to school!

  14. LOL too funny! Story of my life. Almost every morning is like that for me {no joke}lol..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  15. hahaha love this. this is me.... a lot of times.

    who am i kidding?
    all the time.

  16. Such an awesome post! You are so entertaining! I always try to get up earlier to give myself enough time..but sleep always wins :P xo

  17. This is so hilarious!! I'm the worst at trying to get ready fast. Just ask my hubby. It's a big problem.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  18. I don't want to even talk about how many times I've fallen up the stairs...

  19. I'm stressed out just reading this!!

  20. LOL! This is just hilarious!


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