February 21, 2013

Buffet Remodel // Saw It. Pinned it. Did it.

I'm not 100% done with this project, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share it!

My mom has had this old buffet for the past 30 years and has always been trying to pawn it off on me.  I kept telling her "no mom, I don't need that, I mean who needs a buffet?" Haha, as I'm growing older I'm finding there are more and more things that I need/want that I never thought I would have...

Who needs a buffet?  This girl does.  I have this hideous bakers rack in my dining area with all our adult beverages on display.  Seriously, we're not in college our liquor doesn't need to be on display.

I scowered Pinterest looking for the best way to paint furniture.  Of course there are 999,000 different options, so it was tough picking the right tutorial.  I finally found one that required NO SANDING! I'm in...

Foam Roller (purchased from Ben Moore)
Foam brushes - Hobby Lobby: I used these to get into all the crevices

Zinsser Primer: I bought mine at Home Depot, this stuff is SOOO easy to roll on and it works like a gem.  Paint one coat and let sit overnight.

Benjamin Moore Metal and Wood Enamel: I took this picture to my local Benjamin Moore store and they knew EXACTLY what I was needing.  The packaging is a little different now, but they insisted that it's the same thing.  One pint was $23.99, but I only used half so I can use it for more projects in the future. Using the foam roller paint on 2 coats, let dry
Via Just A Girl Blog
Sorry, I had already taken the drawers out before I took my picture


Please disregard the messy garage, I still have a few touch-ups before I bring it inside!  I can't wait to finish this and get it all decorated! More pictures to come when I get this all finished and brought inside!

Here's my Pinspiration from Just A Girl Blog /  Looks very similar, right?? Actually hers looks a little shinier than mine, not sure why?
Via Just A Girl Blog
What do you think of my makeover??

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  1. It looks great! You did a fabulous job! It might be the paint she used on hers. When my dad and I were making some furniture he made sure I had some specific kind of paint because it had high glossy stain or something. :/

    Jaime @ {Toby's Tails}

  2. looks fabulous! I've been searching my local thrift stores for furniture pieces to do recently. I picked up a desk the other day for $20. I plan to turn it into a vanity:)

  3. you did a great job repurposing this piece! xo


  4. That is amazing... come make me one now!! :)

  5. GIRL! That looks amazing! Now get your booty to TN and help me redo my bathroom!

  6. that looks absolutely gorgeous! So high-end looking for such a great price!

  7. That looks fabulous! Good job girl!

  8. great work! it's amazing what a coat of paint and some new hardware will do!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  9. wow, that turned out great! I love the color.

  10. Great job, well done.



  11. You did an amazing job! I have been wanting to paint a hutch I have and am a little scared. But seeing your post makes it seem like I can probably do it :) great job, I can't wait to see it all decorated.



  12. That looks awesome! I've been wanting to make over my dressers in my bedroom, so I'll definitely use this an inspiration.

  13. Seriously fabulous. I would have never recognized that as the same piece of furniture.


  14. Oh my gosh!! I love it. What a change!

  15. oh my gosh - it turned out so good!!

  16. Nice work! I love the color, it turned out so nice. Pat yourself on the back.

  17. OH.MY.GOODNESS. It looks so good! Like it came straight out of a Crate & Barrel catalog! I'm on the hunt for a dresser for our master bedroom and hope to do something similar..this is great inspiration!

  18. holy S girl that buffet looks BRAND NEW!!!!!!

    verrrrrryyyy impressivE!! :) :) great job!


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