January 25, 2013

#Whitegirl Problems

Ugh - the freaking DVR isn't working why won't it rewind... This is seriously ruining my night!

I've had to restart my MAC twice tonight, I thought MAC's were supposed to be perfect!

My wedding ring is too big, I need to get it re-sized

My Belt is too big...

I just drank the last bottle of wine, now what?

The automatic litter box isn't working, I'm gonna have to scoop poop now...

Why doesn't Traget sell Science Diet Cat Food?

My hair hasn't been highlighted in 6 months

My car windshield was completely frozen over this morning and took 3 whole minutes to defrost

My seat heaters aren't working, my butt might literally freeze off before they heat up

I ate too much Mac and Cheese for Dinner...

Why won't XM work when I drive under overpasses?

I'm out of conditioner
My lips are chapped

Pinterest isn't loading anymore pins, I thought this was an endless supply ideas?


My bike has a flat tire

What are your Whitegirl Problems?

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  1. i'm sorry that you had such a tough night! but can i just say that this is hilarious....

  2. I'm out of hairspray. Biggest whitegirlproblem I face.

    Even worse? I'm out of my hairspray that stays in my bathroom AND out of my mini bottle of Tresseme that lives in my purse.

    ....I'm a little obsessed.

  3. You don't keep an emergency bottle of wine? And you should start a petition to bring back Dunakroos. I'm sure all of us who grew up in the 90s would sign it.

  4. If you have a Dollar General close to you, they sell Dunkaroos...

  5. LOVE your bike! And seriously XM, get it together and work under overpasses and in my garage. Not cool!

  6. Haha I love this post! My DVR does the same thing sometimes and I have a lot of trouble with my iMac! The internet freezes if I have too many windows open. It's so annoying!

  7. hahah this is funny!! Pinterest running out of pins hahaha

  8. Such a funny post! ....especially since I ate a WHOLE BOX of mac&cheese to myself the other night!

    love your blog girl, i'm following you and look forward to enjoying more of your posts!


  9. This is why you have 3 DVRs in your house. A white girl always needs a spare.


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