January 1, 2013

Sparkle and Shine in 2013

Happy New Years Everyone!  I've decided that even though today is New Years that I will make a commitment to continue wearing sparkles.  I think sparkles just make everyone happier whether it's the holiday season or not!

I'm not going to post a bunch of New Years Resolutions because quite frankly I don't believe in them.  If you want to make a change just do it, don't wait until the 1st of the year!  If you believe in them, don't  worry I'm not going to judge, it's just not my thing!

White Blouse: Target $11.99 // Sequin Shirt: Express Old // Jeggings: Marshalls $14.99 // Shoes: Payless $19.99 Old

Will you still wear sparkles now that New Years is over?


  1. I wear sparkles all year round! I think they liven up an outfit.

    xoxo Jayne from http://somuchfashionsolittlespace.blogspot.com

  2. I agree with the sparkle theory! Just because the holidays are over, the sparkle shouldn't end...keep it going year 'round, baby!


  3. This is such a darling post. I wear sparkles all the time, probably too much. I hope you had a splendid holiday full of confetti :-)

    XO Jenna

  4. Love your outfit! I will forever and always wear sparkle! Happy New Year!!! xoxo


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