December 19, 2012

Diaries of A Bargainista: Link-Up

Week #3 of Diaries of a Bargainista! So excited this is already week 3 of the link-up and so far we've had great turn-out and I'm excited to see how many people link-up this week.  I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Because Shanna Said So and I am Pisces!

First of all, just want to say congrats to Cassadee Pope for winning The Voice - I had a feeling she was going to win and fortunately for me, she was my favorite!!! Congrats Girl!

The Rules are as follows: {Please follow the rules, it's just common courtesy ladies!}
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  2. Link Up ANY Outfit post {please link directly to your post, not homepage}
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Now it's time for another outfit under $50 take it away Maddie!

Helllloooo all! I am Maddie, visiting from A Tinge Of Whimsy and you can normally find me rambling on 'bout some tasty treat, cocktail concoction or my whoopie pies. Truthfully though, most of my favorite recipes involve anything that combines bacon and bourbon, but  every once in a while...I like to dabble in other topics that set my heart a patter: fashion & bargains. They don't call me the bargain whisperer for nothin'. I was uber excited when Alisa asked me to do a guest post...but I had a slight quandary that may be different from some of y'all. I had to discern which outfit I would talk about b/c almost every one I own is under 50 smackaroos. It is a game to me to find a good deal, my philosophy is if I am meant to have it, I will find it for under $20. I almost always succeed and it's actually rare for something to be over $15...

but I digress...if I count some of my boots, then some of my outfits would definitely be over, no boots, almost always under. but before I show you the goods...a lil diddly about me...

I am originally from a small town in Virginia and I grew up on a tobacco farm. In the middle.of. nowhere. Picture the boondocks and imagine it having a backwoods. And there you have Gladys. And apparently it's left w/me w/a raging country accent. I'm undecided about that. haha. I then went to college and majored in Sports Management and left early to work w/ESPN. I now work part time in the athletic dept at a local university (and I also nanny) Then this farm girl upped and married her a city boy from the Town of Bean...errr, I mean Boston. Together we're taking Raleigh by storm. and next year he will have legally been my mister for 10 years. 

Ok, enough about me, onto why you're all here. and I apologize in advance for faceless pics, but Wiki(the hubs) is out of town and I was left to my own devices. Which you can see suffers from a slight ineptitude.

 dress $8.74 (Target)
cardigan $12.48 (Target)
belt $2.99 (NY & Co)
shoes $19.99 (Payless)
jewelry free(selling stella & dot)
total $44.20 

And cause I am never one to take myself too seriously, a humorous story about this dress. It was actually already in the changing room at Target when I went in to try some stuff on. It was the softest fabric and I decided to try it  and it fit as if it were made for me and obviously, who would I be to leave such a gift 'hanging'. yes...pun intended. haha It is rare that I ever find a dress that I can get the "shelf" and the junk from my trunk in and it fit so gloriously. It was not until I got home I noticed it was an extra small. I normally wear a medium to large and was therefore stupefied as to how I fit in it. That is when the horror set in, I realized it was Liz Lange, as in maternity. I was mortified for about 35 seconds and then I took another gander at how well it fit and I did what any woman worth her salt would do...I cut the tag out;) and from here on out, I would deny any such knowledge;)

Hop on over and visit me sometime, I'd love to have you. and a big thanks to Alisa for having me over today. Was so much fun! Happy Hump Day all!

Those are some serious good deals - Free Jewelry - wha-what???? Maddie - Great job on your outfit under $45!!! Now it's time for you to link-up ANY outfit :)


  1. Love her shoes and earrings!!!!! So fun!! This is a great link up, ladies!!! Love all the different styles! And THANK YOU for linking up!!!

  2. Love her shoes! Ugh I just LOVE them!

    1. They have them there now. On sale for $24.99 and if you text in the coupon code you get an extra 20% off.

  3. That is one sassy looking outfit! And I can't even begin to believe the price, YOWZA!

  4. Great outfit, I especially love the belt and shoes! Super cute! I'm following!

  5. I was wondering who won The Voice. I would always flip back and forth and never got to know the contestants really well.

  6. The shirt in my entry matches your blog background! haha! I linked up! Hope you all will come link up with my Thursday Target Threads sometime!

  7. nice blog, girl!!! hope you can visit me soon and follow me!!! happy holidays!!!

  8. Those shoes are too cute. Love this link up! I'll be joining in in the future :)


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