November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday - Hair Mask that Actually Works!

I'm linking up with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So for Random Wednesday!  She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and just so happens to live in the same state as I do!  Check out her site and link-up your randomness :)

My First bit of randomness is this:  ALL of you should sign-up for a Target card, it comes directly out of your checking account and you save 5% every single time you shop, no exclusions!  You also get free shipping online.  I'm so excited I signed-up for one tonight because I already saved 5 bucks!  I shop at Target way too frequently and this should save me a couple hundred dollars a year for doing absolutely NOTHING! Oh, did I mention it's FREE to sign-up? Yeah, just do it, I promise you won't regret it!

Disclosure: Target is not paying me for this, although they probably should!

Second Randomness: I pinned this a while ago and have been wanting to try it every since.  It's a hair mask with 2 Egg Yolks, 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil and 1 cup of Water.

I made a complete mess in my bathroom!! First I was dipping my hair into a bowl with the mixture in the sink, then moved over to the bathtub and just started pouring it on my head.  I put all my hair on top of my head, clipped it with a hair clip and put a Target bag over the top so it wouldn't drip all over my face.  I also had to add a few paper towels here and there to keep it from dripping.

Observe - Target Bag Head! 
(Weird, I can't even believe I'm showing you this pic, but it was too funny not to!)

Finished Product - very pleased!
My hair is so soft and shiny, I can't believe this hair mask actually worked.  I didn't think anything was even going to happen until I had my hair was completely dry and it looked like this:

What do you think?


  1. Amazing, it looks like it really worked! Your hair is gorgeous :) It's crazy how just a couple of things from your kitchen can do the trick!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  2. OMG!!! The picture with the bag on your head is pure awesomeness!!!! And I think 90% of us posted about Target today!! We have serious problems!! And I just got the Target Red Card this week too!! Holla!!! Thanks a million for linking up!! xoxo

  3. Alisa..we used to do this back in the day!! Even straight olive oil works well too. Also mashed avacado. Your hair looks great!

    Oh...and yes, the Target card is great!

  4. your hair looks great! it's so wonderful when things on pinterest work! and i'm visiting blog from followers to friends today! i was already following but glad to have re-found you. read your bio, and i love how you described your wedding as "quite the party!" quite's one of my favorite words..hence the title of my blog, so it made me smile :)
    also, if you're interested, i'm hosting a thursday bloghop that starts at 10:30pm EST tonight if you want to link up!

  5. Hi Alisa! Your hair looks amazing! I saw this pin but still haven't tried it yet! I think I will now that you've proved it and the weather's getting colder! Thanks!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  6. You're hair looks incredible!!! I must try this!

  7. you hair looks beautiful!! i think target should pay me too! I promote them all the time. :)

  8. looks amazing! thanks for sharing it

  9. Target SHOULD be paying you cause I'm totally going to do it!! I can't believe I never have, I'm an avid Tar'Jay shopper. Thanks for the great tip! AND, your hair looks fantastic after that mask!

  10. I agree with Makaila Target should be paying you!!! that is awesome, I had no idea they did that! And I'm always wary of putting eggs in my hair cause I thought it might make my hair greasy the next day but this mix makes your hair look Amazing! Might have to try this one. thanks for following I appreciate it hun! :)

    The House of Shoes

  11. This Target info is NEW and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  12. I just saw this on pinterest today and was wondering if it really worked, now I'm going to have to try!!


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