October 17, 2012

How to Make a Cupcake Costume

This is my absolutely favorite homemade Halloween Costume I've EVER had.  Anyone can make it, it might seem difficult, but with a little bit of patience and a lot of wine, you can make it!

Buy all of the materials for your Cupcake Costume:
  • Large toy tub (sorry, can't remember what the actual size was, but we got them from target and they are large round plastic tubs with two handles on the side)
  •  5 - 6 pieces of Poster Board - we chose Hot Pink, but you could use whatever color you want, I believe we used 5 or 6 pieces for each cupcake
  • Polyfill - we bought the loose polyfill in a large bag from Walmart, I believe it was $10 - this is more than enough for 2 costumes
  • 1 yard of white tulle
  • 1 package of Pom-Poms
  • Wide Ribbon to use for the straps
  • Duct Tape - we used zebra, but you can just use regular duct tape because you won't see it
  • Hot Glue - LOTS OF IT!!!!!!
  • Last, but not least - WINE, wine and more wine
Anna goofing off before we started -


The first thing you will need to do is cut the bottom off of the large tub.  We started cutting it with a saw, but then we were able to use scissors to finish the job!  We initially bought small laundry baskets which were only $3 a piece, but they were  WAY too small!!  I can't believe we actually thought our tooshies would fit inside a tiny little laundry basket.  I guess it looked big until we cut the bottom of it off and tried to fit our butts into it, DIDN'T WORK!

Once we got the bottom of the tubs cut-off we had to pose in them - we thought they were so cute before we even got started!


Accordian fold the posterboard - we folded each piece into about 2 inch sections.  Once you have 5 or 6 posterboards folded, you need to get the hot glue gun heated and ready to go! 

NOTE:  After we got done with the cupcakes, we realized the posterboard was way too long, so we had to cut the bottom of it once it was hot glued to the tub.  I would suggest if you would like the cupcake to be shorter (trust me, you do!) to cut it before doing the accordian fold.

Take the first piece of posterboard and put hot glue onto the tub and stick poster board to it, also do this on the bottom of the tub.  Repeat this all the way around until you have the bottom of the cupcake completed.

Great Job!  You just finished the easiest part of the project.  You should probably stop at this time and drink at least 1 glass of wine, this is a MANDATORY step, DO NOT SKIP!!!  Trust me, you will need this for your sanity :)

As you can see the cupcakes hit us right below our knees, once they are completed they are much shorter!


Ok, have you had a glass of wine??  If not, please go back to Step 2, then continue!

Grab a large piece of polyfill from the bag and roll it out into a "long log-like shape". 

Put hot glue onto the top lip of the tub and stick polyfill down (make sure not to burn yourself, I think we each burnt off a few fingerprints in this process).  Continue doing this until all of the polyfill is glued down.


This is a step we skipped in the beginning, but is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!!!! You'll see :)

Cut a piece of tulle large enough to go all the way around the tub and cover the polyfill.  We chose to use duct tape instead of hot glue because we had hot glued our fingers too many times prior to this.

AGAIN, you should probably have another glass of wine or dinner if you haven't eaten any yet :) 

Take the tulle and place over the polyfill, have a lot of duct tape already cut into small pieces.  Tape the tulle down on the inside of the tub and on the outside, inside of the accordian folds.  Make sure the tulle stays in place, this is what keeps the polyfill on the cupcake.


Glue Pom Poms onto the top of the tulle.  We used some poms from Michaels that were pink and purple with a hint of sparkle.  This is the step you can really show your personality and use whatever combination of colors that you want!

We definitely wanted to stick with the pink theme :)


Tie a long piece of ribbon around the handles to hold the cupcake costume up on your body. Wear it like a halter top!


Once your sexy-self is ready to step into public and show-off this insanely cute cupcake costume, you must do the following:
  • Get as girly as possible!!!
  • Extremely high heels, pink if you have them
  • Curl hair
  • Do your make-up as cute as your possibly can, add a TON of glitter!
  • Add cute pink bracelets, earrings, necklaces, whatever you can
  • Wear a white top so it blends in with the frosting
Now, we went as a group of 3.  My friend's boyfriend dressed up as a baker and we ironed "Stud Muffin" onto an apron with a pink cupcake underneath, it was so much fun!

I hope you enjoy making your cupcake costume as much as we did!  Remember, it's a lot of work and you definitely need 2 people, it probably took us about 6 total hours over about 3 days. 

REMEMBER, be patient and the results will pay off!!


What are you going to be for halloween?  Let me know if you make one of these!!


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!


  2. haha love this... looks like you had just as much fun making the costumes as you did wearing them!

    xoxo Shauna


  3. I love this costume!! it is so cute!

  4. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I love cupcakes. My husband sometimes calls me cupcake. Ha. This would be perfect.

  5. what a great costume!!! i love your creativity and thinking out of the box or is it cupcake ;-)

  6. That is super adorable! I wish you could help me make a costume for my baby. Not that creative.

    julie @ Naptime Review

  7. That turned out so cute! I love the couple of cupcakes outfit theme for you and a friend :) very creative! what are you going to be for this Halloween?

    Stay pretty xo

  8. OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVERRR! love it. if i need a costume, i'm heading your way ;)
    following you now!

  9. This costume is AWESOME. I just love it. Thanks for following me! I'm now following you back. :-)

    PS: You'll have to wait and see our awesomely nerdy costumes. I have yet to post about them, because...they're not quite finished. And they're a surpriiiise.

    Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

  10. I hate dressing up so therefore I dislike Halloween parties but since seeing this cupcake costume that you made I'm a changed woman! I have to make one and go to a party! Ha! It is so so cute.

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  12. This is wonderful! My daughter needs a cupcake costume for a play she is in. Thank you for posting, it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. How do you keep it up?

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  17. What did you do to keep this up in its place, hands free?

    1. Hi Erin, I updated my post - you tie ribbon to the handles of the tub and it goes around your neck.

  18. i am making this for halloween lol

  19. How did you get the costume to stay up? It's super cute!

  20. Cut White ribbon and attach to the basket and go over your shoulders such as suspenders and that should do the trick trick to keep it up.

  21. how did you keep the cupcake up ?

  22. glue or what ? I know you have to go over the shoulder like suspenders but I don't know how to attach the ribbon

  23. Yes, how do you keep costume up?!

  24. Hey girl, this is so cute! I'm actually stealing your idea and making one for myself for this Halloween! One question though: did you sit down at all that night? I'm not sure if I want to wear a skirt or shorts or something underneath so I can take the bucket off in order to sit down!


  25. It took me & my friend 6 hours to make one. HAHAHA + we were completely sober.. woops

  26. Can't wait to try making this today!

  27. I think this costume s a great idea... but how do you sit down?

    1. You don't :) LOL, you just have to take it off or stand all night!

  28. This is amazing! I just finished the costume last night. Thanks for the inspiration! Love from Canada! <3<3<3

  29. I love this! Going to make it for my daughter who will be in a costume contest at work. One question: What holds up the “icing”? Doesn’t it fall into the center around your body?


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