September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mommy!

Don't worry, I'm not blogging while I'm on vacation, I scheduled this post before I left!  Today is my mom's birthday and we will be going on a Wine Train this evening to celebrate!  Should be a lot of fun!

In honor of her birthday I want to share some pictures with you, yes I made her "Fashion Blog Pose".  She loved it {although she might kill me for sharing these!}

Let me preface this by saying these pics are HORRIBLE! Sorry for the poor quality.  These are the b-day gifts I got her!  Homemade T-shirt, Neck Pillow, Kindle Fire HD, Case for Kindle.  She is going to love it all!!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother!  I love you and we are going to have an AWESOME day!!!


  1. Holy cow you hook your mother up w/ some awesome bday gifts! She is going to love all that stuff. That door makes a great background for pics!!

  2. Aww, great photos of your mom! And Happy Birthday to her :)

  3. She looks like such a fashionista ;) Happy Birthday Mom!

  4. What an awesome daughter you are! Great gifts. Happy birthday to your beautiful momma!

  5. oh my goodness love your mom's OOTD pics! Too cute! Hope ya'll have fun!

  6. Such a stylish mom! Happy Birthday to her!


  7. She is absolutely the cutest mama! I love that you could get her to take them! (c: And I would have to agree, she's gonna love her pressies! (c:


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