August 30, 2012

Blog Party - Grace Adele

A good friend of mine sells Scentsy and they are branching out into a new brand - Grace Adele.  This includes purses, jewelry and tons of accessories to stylize your purse.  Check out the video below to see all the different products available to obsess over!

Luckily for me, my friend is a seller and let me take some of the products for a test-spin!  Thanks Tori! Check out her web page and join the Alisa Marie Blog Party to get started!

The clutch can also be used as a side pocket on the purse - there's TONS of different styles available, so you can really make this purse your own!  My favorite part is the purple linining, it's so adorable!

Oh you don't like black? Well there's so many other colors options and designs, you'll definitely find something that you LURVE!

There are also purse accessories, aka boobie tassle purse tassles to decorate the side of your purse and coin purses!  Not only was I able to test drive the purse, but also a few of the accessories.

Normally I don't like matching earrings and necklaces, but for some reason I love these 2 pieces together, they really aren't too matchy-matchy!
Love this necklace, I could seriously see myself wearing it ever day!  It literally matches everything!

Now time for all my Personal Faves!  If anyone wants to buy me this stuff, I would gladly accept!  The purple purse in the bottom left corner is my favorite {hint, hint}...

How can you buy some of this Shiznit? Go to the link below and start shopping!  Don't forget to join my blog party on the first page. Enjoy!

Tori Searcey

Which item is your favorite?


  1. I just went to a Scentsy party a few weeks ago and saw the new line. I love it! I love that the clutch fits into the purse.

  2. LOVE that necklace you're wearing. I'm such a sucker for accessories!


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