August 7, 2012

Bachelor Pad Blab & Gab: Link-UP

Meg from More from Meg and I are hosting week 2 of the link-up:

I abandoned the Olympics tonight to watch the one and only Bachelor Pad.  If you missed it have no fear that Bachelor Pad Basher is here!!
The challenge is the Hot Sludge Funday - PERVERT ALERT. I say "That's What She Said" way too often, I probably could have said it 100 times listening to them talking about this:

You will then get in a sack and dump 5 pounds of nuts on your head
 I throw the nuts on as fast as I can
Of course at the end you will eat the cherry in the bowl

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2 Dates - David takes 3 women to prom and Rachel take 3 guys to the Wax Museum.
Blakely doesn't get the Rose on the date, I thought her and Jamie were going to have a BITCH Fight
Jamie gets denied by Chris (not Harrison)
Rachel and Michael are falling in lurve
Ed and Jaclyn hook-up, can you say MISTAKE!
Kalon and Lindzi hideaway in bed the entire time
Reid tries to pull a fast one on Ed and have him voted off, backfires and he goes home

Double D Donna is also voted off

David is on my diarrhea list right now - Blakely
There's just pee in my jeans now - Michael Stagliano
I need to show him that I'm sexy, I'm a woman I'm able to please him and make him happy - Jamie
I want to Fall in Love on TV - Jamie

I don't have any underwear on, so... - Ed

I can't leave Bachelor Pad and NOT hook up with someone, that's just crazy - Donna

I can enjoy the rest of the evening and watch people's lives crumble before my eyes - Kalon (PS Kalon this is why America HATES YOU)

 Link it up!


  1. You know, I really didn't think I would get so into this show like I am!
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more about it here:
    Please check it out!

  2. Haha. I love those quotes. Poor Jamie. When will she learn?


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