July 12, 2012

Friday Faves

I'm linking-up with Lindsey over at the Bargain Blonde for my Friday Faves {which btw is one of my favorite posts to write}!
Soo excited to share these faves with you this week, ENJOY!

Favorite Addiction Morning Beverage
Via Google Images
I don't know what it is about this drink, but I'm addicted!  It's like my "Alcohol" for work.

Favorite Lip Balm

Mostly I just love the design of this Chapstick, but it works really good too!

Favorite Reality TV Moment

Images via bravotv.com
Andy Cohen being dive bombed by a bird while filming RHOC Reunion! So damn funny!

Oh and I also loved Ramona's face when she saw her friend's{can't remember her name for the life of me} fake leg - you would think that she just saw {insert funny sarcastic comment}.
Oh Bravo - I LOVE YOU!
Favorite Pins
Cake balls on top of ice cream cones, ADORABLE! Can I just make these for fun or do I need to have a party?
Oh Emily - you're really going to regret letting him go home!!!! Ladies -I HAD to throw this one in, sorry - YOU'RE WELCOME!

Favorite Cowboy Boots

Mine are the ones in the middle with the blue.  I'm so excited I get to wear these boots tonight! Why? Because I'm going to see my......

Favorite Country Band

Pretty excited about it, can you tell?  I've seen them in concert 3 or 4 times, but they are my all-time favorite!   Only downside is that it's at an outdoor venue and it's going to be 5 bazillion degrees outside, oh well it's TOTALLY worth it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  What are your plans?


  1. Love love that moment with Ramona. I swear sometimes I just put her on mute so that I can watch her facial expressions

  2. Cake balls on ice cream cones is genius! Pinning it NOW :)

  3. Bravo is a constant in my house! Couldn't stop laughing at the bird scene and how they promo'd it so seriously. LOL! And I couldn't believe she let Sean go either. Can you say perfect?!?! He seems like such a good guy. Love all your favorites. Have fun with at your concert!

    -AA (New Follower)

  4. ahhh i made the cake pops with cones a while back they were DELICIOUS!! you need to try them! not hard at all and super delish :-)

    i love and need cowboy boots!! the ones you have are adorable

    have a blast at rascal!!!


  5. I LOVED watching Andy Cohen freak out! It was amazing!! Bravo is the best. I have it on 24/7.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love anything by EOS and cowgirl boots. Thanks for the eye candy!

  7. Great post! I just moved to a new blog please check it out and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  8. Guuuurl I am so happy she let Mr. Beefcake go. Now he is up for grabs ;) You are making me want to try that EOS balm. Maybe a trip to Ulta is in my future......

  9. ooh sean's washboard abs, emily you will definitely regret not marrying him and that beautiful body of him, sigh...

  10. My cousin has that chapstick and loves it. I am so behind on RH of any city! I used to love NY and OC...


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. Following you back on GFC and Bloglovin! thank you xx

  12. Hi dear!you have a great blog!I like the boots and I hope you enjoy the concert!
    If you want we can follow each other in GFC and Bloglovin!I invite you to visit my blog first
    Kisses and good Sunday

  13. I love your Friday favorites!!SO many of my friends swear by that lip balm, it works wonders...and is so cute! Darling blog, happy I came across it! Have a great week!!

    Twirling Clare

  14. Those cake pops are so cute!


  15. OMG we have so much in common! I'm obsessed with Bravo TV, monogramed things, and Sean from the Bachelorette! I'm loving your Friday Favorites and hope you had a great weekend!

  16. I was so sad that Em let Sean go... I might have cried a little bit. haha. Here's hoping that he might be the next bachelor?

  17. I was at a wedding this weekend so it was quite fun! :) Haha, keep calm and wear bows is so cool. :D


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