June 18, 2012

Monthly Manicure

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a super cute new way to do my nails.  Let me know what you think!
Step 1. Decide nail polish color
I choose White as the base color and blue and pink as the accents.

Step 2: Gather your supplies, straws and a paper plate

Step 3: Paint on base color and let dry

Step 4: Put nail polish on paper plate and roll the end of the straw in the color.  Press end of straw onto nail.

Don't be discouraged at first, the key is to roll the edge and bottom of the straw in color and gently press onto nail and move the straw in a circular motion to remove the color onto your nail.

What is your favorite Manicure?? What color do you like to use for the summer?

Also, the winner to my giveaway is Anna!  Anna send me your email and I will get you hooked-up!  Thanks everyone that entered!


  1. I love pinterest for finding new and cool ways to do my nails! Yours look fun!
    Have a beautiful day, Hun!


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