June 1, 2012


Damn it Denim - did I mention that I hate you? If I would have known you were going to make a comeback I could save myself at least 100 bucks investing in this new trend!  Seriously this trend is catching on like the swine flu.

I have a few names I like to use when referring to denim items:
Jean Shorts = Jorts
Denim Shirt = Dirt
Denim Jacket = Dacket, if someone has a better name for this let me know

Regardless of my dislike for this trend {I'm kinda starting to love it, don't judge when you see a pic of me wearing it}, it appears the Dirt and Dacket are officially making their comeback.  Here are just a few ways the celebs are wearing it -

Ashley Greene - photo courtesy of thegossipavenue.com

Jessica Simpson - photo from PacificCoastNews.com

Whitney Port - photo courtesy of thegossipavenue.com

Reese and her daughter both sporting Denim - photo courtesy of gossipgirls.com

Leave a comment and let me know if you are wearing anything denim... How do you feel about wearing a Dirt with Jorts?  Might just be a fashion faux-pax that could land you on an episode of Fashion Police, if you're lucky!

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