June 12, 2012

BumbleBee {Doesn't Actually Sting}

They call me Mellow Yellow
Peplum top, Long maxi skirtMarc Jacobs quilted leather handbag, Kate spade watch,  Kate spade earrings {No Longer Available, other yellow earrings here},  Ariella Collection cat ringNail polish        
If you couldn't already tell, my current favorite color is yellow!  There's a pair of bright yellow pants I've been lusting after at Francesca's and I might have to break down and buy them!

What's your favorite Summer color?  Do you like to dress up or just wear jeans and a t-shirt?

1 comment:

  1. Yellow is a really cool summer colour! I don't think I have a favourite one, maybe beige? I like light shades :)



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