October 13, 2014

Gold Glitter Dipped Mason Jar

This is one of my favorite projects that I've done lately.  It's so pretty, simple and cheap which is the best part about this.  I think just by looking at this project you could figure out how to do it on your own, but I'll go ahead and give you instructions for those that aren't so Crafty Savvy.  That's okay if your not, actually even better because this craft is for you!

Mason Jar {I bought mine from Dollar Tree $1}
Gold Paint {Rustoleum}
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush

Spray Paint Mason Jar and let dry overnight.  Using the sponge brush (sorry mine has been used a couple times, you can tell from the picture) paint mod podge along the bottom of the jar.  Pour glitter over Mod Podge.

I used a plate to catch the extra glitter, but the best thing to use is foil so you can just pour all the excess right back in the glitter jar.

There you have it.  A pretty glittery mason jar.  I think I might make some more, but maybe in light pink, what do you think?  What colors would you do?

And because my kitty was feeling a little left out, I had to take a few pictures of him too.  Poor little Ben!  I promise he is not some sad lonely little kitty like he looks in this picture.  He is a little prince and received treats about 10 times a day and lays his head to rest on MY PILLOW in a king size bed.  I assure you this cat is well taken care of!


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