April 30, 2014

To Instagram or Not?

I've been posting a lot about mommy-hood, so I thought maybe it's time to shake it up a little bit and take a stab at something "funny" OR atleast what I consider is funny... Here we go!

Cute Kittens FaceTiming each other from separate rooms in the house - POSTING!! {I mean seriously, who does this?}

A Selfie that makes you look WAYYY prettier than you actually are – POSTED (maybe even 2 different angles since you’re lookin so good)

When you’re out with your friends put on ALL of their wedding rings to let the whole world know
YOU ARE in the First Wives Club! You then have to hashtag the post 15 – 20 times #beautiful#firstwives#myfriendsringsarebetterthanyours#stunning#diamonds#RHOCWannabe

Excessive Drinking – you want everyone to know how irresponsible you are being – there will probably be atleast 5 pics posted within 5 minutes 

Sad Face Selfie – everyone needs to know how super sad you are because you miss your hubby – WAHHHH no one cares, or atleast I don’t...

Food pic with beautiful background scenery - you try to play this off as a “look at my food”, but really you’re trying to show off to everyone that you’re in some amazing location and MUST rub it in everyone’s face!

Look at this SHIZ my bestie of all time best best bestest Friend of all time just sent me – she is so amazing, I’m sooo sooo soo lucky that I have a friend like her #winning#besties

BUMPDATE!!!! Look how fat and pregnant I’m getting #swollen#pregnant#maternityclothesareterrible

First of all I want to let each and everyone of you know that I AM NOT making fun of you!  I’ve done 99% of the things on this list too!  It’s just funny when you actually think about why you post the things that you do.  What makes a picture Instagram worthy?  You know you take WAYYY more pics of yourself than you actually put on Instagram, so how do you decide what makes the cut? 

Usually my decisions are instantaneous, if it’s cute I post it, If I look good, I post it, If I wanna make people jealous I post it…. If you think about it Instagram isn’t reality at all, it’s usually the BEST of the BEST that make the cut!  Keep this in mind when you’re scrolling through endless pictures of selfies and getting jealous that your life isn’t “as good” as someone else’s!!


Your comments make my little heart sparkle! Thank you for stopping by!!


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